SATU Toilet Paper Gel – Ultra Soft and Clean Wipe – Septic & Sewer Safe Alternative to Flushable Wet Wipes - Unscented, 3.4 oz4.3 out of 5 stars804
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About this item

  • THE ULTIMATE WIPING EXPERIENCE. Using dry toilet tissue paper removes most of the fecal matter but your skin is still dirty. This can cause discomfort or stain your underwear making it uncomfortable and unsightly. Simply add a drop or 2 of our unique Toilet Paper Gel on your normal toilet paper and wipe clean the area. Compared to foams and liquid sprays - gels are designed for deep cleansing and are especially good for unclogging pores while removing waste from the surface of your skin.
  • KIND TO YOUR SKIN. Regular toilet paper can irritate sensitive areas. SATU Toilet Tissue Gel is formulated with Vitamin E and Panthenol (a pro-vitamin of B5) to moisturize and help heal any irritation. If skin is badly damaged or there's an infection you may sense tickling or discomfort. In both cases, please contact us directly and consult with your doctor.
  • TRANSFORM TOILET PAPER INTO FLUSHABLE WET WIPES. Why spend the extra pounds on wet wipes or hygiene wipes when a drop or 2 of SATU Toilet Tissue Gel will turn any major brand of toilet paper into exactly what you need? It works great with recycled toilet paper and bamboo toilet paper too. Turn your normal bog roll into the ultimate wet toilet paper or baby wipe!
  • LOOK AFTER THE PLANET AS WELL AS YOUR BODY. Regular wet wipes are filling up sewer systems, littering rivers and beaches and killing ocean life. Even flushable wipes don’t always break down as promised. In fact, 93% of sewer blockages in the UK are caused by wet wipes. By using SATU Toilet Tissue Gel, you help eliminate wet wipe pollution and save vulnerable wildlife. SATU gel is 100% flushable.
  • EASY TO USE. Wipe as normal, then take a fresh sheet and fold in half. Apply a drop of the Toilet Tissue Gel and wipe again. Take another fresh sheet and wipe the area dry. You will be amazed at the difference! Our unique gel formula means the paper stays intact. It does not cause the toilet paper to fall apart like many other toilet paper sprays and foams, making it the ultimate toilet paper moistener.
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