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Tree and Squid Australia

Welcome to Tree & Squid on Amazon!

Our commitment is to delight our customers by providing exceptional service and quality products.

We enjoy writing with the fountain pens that we sell in the store and looking for new pens and other items to stock. We have designed some of the products that we sell in our Amazon store ourselves - we hope you like them! 

Thank you for visiting us on Amazon!

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Privacy and Security

Privacy Policy

Tree and Squid Australia values the privacy of your personal data.

For questions about a charge that has been made to your credit card, please contact Amazon. Questions about how to place an order? Search Amazon Help.

Instructions for using a Fountain Pen

Instructions for using a fountain pen
FIRST (all fountain pens)
1. Pull the lid (cap) off of the pen in a straight (not twisting) motion (most of the pens we sell have pull off type lids rather than unscrew type). 
2. Then unscrew the two ends of the pen (they separate at the centre of the pen).
Now follow the instructions below for either cartridges or ink converters.
If your pen comes with a removable ink converter inserted, you will need to remove the ink converter (just pull it out). You don’t need the ink converter when you use cartridges so you can set it aside. Then push an ink cartridge firmly onto pen.
Tip: Ensure that the seal of the cartridge is broken (take it off the pen and look at the cartridge it to check if not sure) – it can sometimes take quite a lot of pressure of pushing it onto the pen to break the seal on the cartridge. 
With a new pen, the ink can take quite a long time to flow out of the nib the first time it is used. With the cartridge inserted, keep drawing lines on a piece of paper (even though there won’t be any ink coming out to start with). If you repeat the action of dragging the nib across the paper fairly hard then eventually the ink should come out. This can require up to 200 repetitions – often much patience is required!
Hint: try flicking the pen carefully in a downwards action towards the nib to get the ink moving down. (Best to do where you can’t stain your clothes or furniture!)
Ink Converters: 
If you want to use bottled ink, you will need to use an ink converter to suck up and retain the ink in its chamber. 
Insert the ink converter firmly onto the pen, where a cartridge would usually go. (Note: your converter will already be in place). With the ink converter attached to the pen, submerge the pen’s nib in your ink bottle and keep it there while you hold the clear plastic part of the ink converter and twist the end part of the ink converter to create a vacuum to draw in the ink. It can be hard to figure out which part twists and which parts stay in place but it’s usually the part right at the end of the converter that rotates.

Useful tip: If pen dries up after not being used for ages, soak uncapped pen in cold water for 30mins. They dry using kitchen paper or a cloth. This will loosen up any dried out ink.

Gift Wrap and Gift Messaging

You can add a gift message when ordering items fulfilled by Amazon.com.au or selected Amazon Merchants. Gift message are limited to a maximum of 240 characters--about 10 lines of text. In your message, be sure to include who the gift is from and the name of the gift recipient. For items fulfilled by Amazon, you can also choose to use Amazon gift-wrapping designed exclusively for our customers, in which case we will print your message on a gift card. Otherwise, we'll include your message on the packing slip.

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