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Reviewed in Australia on 7 December 2017
The Charmers Gambit (Mershano Empire Book 2)
By Lexi C Foss

Another enjoyable book by Lexi. It compliments Sarah an Evans story.
AS we originally found out Sarah enlisted Rachels help in looking at a contract that she had to sign for a dating show. On this show Sarah met Evan and we know how their characters worked out. If you haven’t read book on you really need it, it’s fantastic.
Anyway, now Evans cousin Will is trying to get Rachel to work for him but each time he proposes an idea he gets a flat no from Rachel. So, what does Will do, he goes to the firm Rachel works for to hire them as his client with the proviso that Rachel be the lead attorney. The firm of course agree although reluctantly to have Rachel is such an elevated position. Rachel stunned at this turn of events is sure that Will has only done this to get close to her. Angry she lets him have it and when she’s finished going on at him he gives her the choice of staying as part of his legal team or she can leave.
In this matter what will Rachel decide?
To confuse her life more her ex fiancée Ryan re-enters the scene expecting to pick up where they left off six months ago. He has told her that the wedding is back on basically whether she likes it or not. To scared to anger him she goes along with what he is saying. But what worries Rachel the most is how he seems to know where she is and who she is with at any given time
Rachel has choices to make, one choice will help enhance her career the other will ruin her life forever. Which way will she go?
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