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Reviewed in Australia on 29 June 2019
Crown of Feathers is an action packed adventure filled with subtle romance, betrayals and plot twists that leave you stunned.

It is told from three POVs; Veronyka, Sev and Tristan, teenagers who are all animages (people who can talk to and influence animals). It follows the aftermath and consequences of a war that took place 16 years prior, the Blood War. This was a war in which two sisters, one an animage and the other not, fought to rule their country. Some animages can become phoenix riders and they rode them into battle for the animage sister Avalkyra during the Blood War.

Despite their defeat in the Blood War and being hunted down by the Empires soldiers, the Phoenix riders are growing and recruiting in secret.

I really loved the main characters of this story. Despite being faced with hard decisions they grew as the book progressed. Veronyka, who bonds with a phoenix, travels to find these riders and join their ranks, but there is a problem, they only accept boys and not girls into training. Disguising herself as a boy and finding distrust at every turn she has to prove her worth so she can join the riders. Sev is an animage living in secret among the soliders. To be an animage in the empire is to be sentenced to servitude or death and he desperately tries to hide his secret from those around him. Tristan is an apprentice rider, living with the rebel riders in their hideout. He befriends Veronyka, who is disguised as a boy and they form an amazing friendship.

The story, despite being slightly slow paced, was engaging and fun to read. The world building was great and the magic system pretty unique. I felt like this book was very similar to Eragon, and so because I enjoyed those books a lot I did enjoy this one.

The romance wasn’t overpowering or cheesy, which was very refreshing and nice to read. Each character had a distinct voice and the plot weaved together well with the different POVs. I really didn’t like one character, which I think was expected and the twists at the end were fantastic!

If you enjoy action, subtle romance, magic involving animals and mythical creatures this is for you.
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4.6 out of 5
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