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5 March 2019
Howl for me is a second chance romance literally! Brianna awoke five years ago with no memory of where she came from or how she ended up where she was in California. Now the Alpha of her current Pack wants her to mate with him, which causes her wolf 🐺 to get restless and to go in search of who she was and is!

Gavin lost his mate five years ago in a plane crash, but has never believed that she was dead. He can still feel her and knows she’s out there somewhere because he can feel her. They never completed the mating bond and now that he’s Alpha, his Pack expects him to mate and produce heirs. At the party for just this purpose, he hears a howl that he recognises and races to find his mate......Damara😍

Unfortunately, their trials and tribulations are just starting as Damara’s previous Alpha is unwilling to leave her and takes drastic measures.

A good story and I’m hoping we learn more about this Pack in the future❣️ Thank you to Booksprout and Ariel for my advanced copy for which I leave my honest review.
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4.7 out of 5 stars