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29 August 2017
Oh how I waited for this book. Kristen Ashley is one of my favourite authors, I've read over 40 of her books (and re-read so many of them I can’t even count) I love her unique writing style and her romances complete with steam and intense characters. I especially love it when her characters are in their 40's...
'The Time in Between' is a stunning second chance romance that pulled right on my heartstrings and had me loving being in a KA world and in Magdalene. The story alternated between the past and present as KA wove all the threads of their story together, the reader becomes more obsessed with finding out more.

Cady and Coert’s love affair started back in Denver almost twenty years ago. Their attraction was instant and it didn’t take long before they were falling deeply in love. When an incredible truth was revealed, the circumstances were not pretty, it shattered her world and drove them apart...
“It breaks me.”
I turned back to her and it took a great deal, too much, to stare into her beautiful brown eyes shining with tears and not allow my own to come.
“What you could have had,” she finished. “What you two could have build together. When I think about it, it breaks me.”

Cady Moreland is an incredible heroine. She makes the decision 18 years on to move to Magdalene because she needs a fresh start. She also does that, because Coert Yeager is the sheriff of Magdalene. Eighteen years ago, a lot happened between these two but even after all this time, their attraction is still there...
'Eighteen years ago Coert and I fell together against all odds. Then it ended. And neither of us got over it. No more missed opportunities. It was time to risk everything.'

I would love to say that Cady and Coert’s reunion was full of love, but Coert is sheriff, single dad & he’s not happy that Cady is in his world again. There are scenes between them that are just heartbreaking like only KA can do. There was a lot of history to heal. “We have to learn, even when it gets hard, we can’t give up and we can’t let go.”

Coert and Cady’s journey is long and not always easy, but it’s filled with so much beauty. It really was a gorgeous second chance love story. This couple went through so much but the fact that they were able to find their way back to each other was pretty special...
“This is life. And in all that’s happened in mine, the one thing I’ve learned is, as ugly as it gets, as bad as you mess up, if you keep going, it’ll get good again.”

This is definitely another a wonderful KA favourite for me. It's slow building that was deeply heart-warming, incredibly sexy, and truly beautiful. I'm so glad I waited. I loved it and highly recommend it.
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