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Customer Review

15 March 2019
Cusp of Night is a mystery novel with a paranormal flavour, rich in characters, setting, and suspense. Author Mae Clair crafts a unique setting in Hode's Hill and fills it with all manner of quirky characters with hidden backstories and deep secrets. A mystery is unravelled (well, more than one actually!) and the reader is drawn in to solve the mystery alongside the protagonist Maya. Along the way, we are treated to an intriguing series of flashbacks set at the turn of the century (20th century that is), where I personally feel, the author's talent really shines. She paints a world of gas-lanterns and genteel society, where lives - arguably - the most fascinating character of the book, Lucinda Glass. Suffice it to say, I was hanging on the flashbacks and keen to get to another one!
Although I had an inkling of one part of the ongoing mystery, I was shocked when I finally learned the truth about the Fiend of Hode's Hill - it was a twist I hadn't seen coming.
I encourage any mystery fans to get along and grab a copy of Cusp of Night... and after my romp through Hode's Hill, I will be sure to pick up Book II in the series and see what other adventures await!
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4.0 out of 5 stars