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11 October 2015
As a mental health professional myself, and as a romance reader addict, i was immediately intrigued by this story. Although i had never heard of this author, i gave the book a go. And boy am i glad i did!!!

It's been a while since i have read a perfectly executed self published book, where the characters come to life, where the lack of physical intimacy doesnt make me feel like i'm reading a book for 12 year olds or a heavilly religious book, and where i cant predict what will happen next.

This book was all this. I loved the transitions between the present and the past, and i loved the psych background. The sequel..... for one i cant stand sequels...they're most often about draging the same story a bit longer or the first book ends on an excruciating cliffhanger. This was neither.

Book 1 ends well, and book 2 just creates a new story. The epilogue of book 2 is breathtaking.

I wont say anymore. Give this book a go. I swear you wont regret it!!
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