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28 December 2018
So there is a lot of hate going around for Rothfuss about how long it takes for him to publish his books and to be honest I can't wait for the next one to come out myself, however, the world which he creates in these books is the deepest of any fantasy series I have read in a long time, the books are carefully written and edited and the time he takes can be seen in the final product. Is it frustrating for fans, for sure, but the question needs to be asked is it an author's Job to appease his fans and even his publishers or is it an Author's job to do justice to the story they are telling? If you answer one of the first two you are bound to be dissapointed by the fact you still have to wait for the next installment. If you believe as do I that an author is bound to their story above all else then this series is well worth the read, and well worth the wait for the next installment.
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