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Reviewed in Australia on 13 May 2020
Brought it on pre order at so called 1/2 price "that's all it's worth". You can only watch prime video all other streaming services like Netfix, stan and Disney are not allowed ??? I have had to do a full factory reset in the first month as all it would tell me was "something went wrong" and would no nothing I asked. It also does not pick your voice up anywhere near as good as the echo dot 3 that it replaced and even though it's in the same room as the WIFI router it shows the orange connection issue bar several times a day. Sound is ok on par with the dot but with more bass nothing to make you go wow over, nice and clear fo my audio books. Does everything the dot can do plus prime video scrolling pictures, weather updates and clock. As Amazon search is nowhere near Google's, the fact they block Netflix and others plus a lot of the features that work in the USA don't work here in Australia means its gimped at the get go and time will only tell?
Web browsing is also awful again using their own limited silk browser or a butched firefox . According to reports this device is running on Android, why would you cripple the useability by locking down and limit what could actually achieved by this device, it should be able to do everything a tablet can do and more?
In the end it's an ok device at $120 whilst being crippled by blocking certain things, do not pay full price it is not worth that amount of money.
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4.3 out of 5
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