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28 December 2018
I wanted to buy an extra speaker to put outside on my patio to attach to my existing Sonos system. Sonos one was a little more extra than the play one - but decided it might be fun to pay a little extra to try Alexa and airplay.

The first thing I noticed was that I was pleasantly surprised that there was now an Alexa app which I could now download on my iPhone to set up the Sonos one as had thought might just be available on android only. (You do, however, need an Amazon account to use.) The Sonos one sounds better than my older gen one Sonos play ones with richer bass and treble, so thought the sound was pretty good. Thought also Alexa also does voice recognition pretty good and better than Siri on my iPhone - Alexa understood me straight away and I also did not have to set up individually for other voices for others to use which was a plus.

Alexa at the moment does have some limitations on Sonos as other reviews have mentioned. However, if you have Spotify as your main music streaming service then Alexa has no problem connecting to this service, though there are other limitations associated with the early developmental stage of this technology . If I give Alexa a simple request and ask her to play some Beatles, Alexa finds a decent selection of Beatles and is able to do the job pretty well. If, however, I ask Alexa for something slightly more complicated like playing my Daily play list on Spotify she does not understand and I would be better off going straight to my app on my iphone. Likewise if I ask for my favourite podcast off ABC Radio National she instead takes me to something completely different in the US.

There are ways of tweaking Alexa's behaviour in the set up menu in the downloadable app. I would recommend for example that you make Spotify your default music provider for example until Amazon music comes on stream in Aus to make it easier for requests. You can also set up a default news service request - so, for example, if I ask Alexa to give me the news - she now cycles through my AFL team's news, ABC news, BBC then CNN if I can be bothered listening to the whole bulletin - though overall I like this feature. It is not possible from what I can tell, however, to tweak her settings to get finer use of Spotify or tune in radio so I can get my Daily mix and requests for Aussie podcasts which do not send me over to North America. But I am not too bothered by this, however, and am hoping that future software improvements may resolve some of these problems. Overall, I like the Sonos one and that Alexa can deal with simple on the fly requests when I come home and want a quick hit of some music or news. It is also a plus that I can use my airplay on my iPhone to stream music. If Sonos are able to make further improvements to Alexa, I would definitely say this is a five star product. At the moment it is still a pretty good product
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