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20 September 2016
I was so excited to read this most exciting sexy, amazing and unbelievable book, Chandler. From the most exciting fifth series, Fixed. The most ultimately gorgeous brother of Hudson Pierce, Chandler himself shows us his charming and most romantic ways in his life of a twenty four year old gorgeous young man. With his womanising way of life I was just so excited to read this most amazing, exciting and wonderful story.

Poor Hudson, older brother to Chandler just wanted his brother to grow up and not be as sleazy ass as he was. Now Chandler was rich after just receiving money from his family he wanted him to learn more about his family business and how to deal with working within the public eye. Basically, to not make a foul of himself. Hudson now wanted his brother to be grown with his choices, in business and even the women he chooses to date. After meeting the beautiful Genevieve. Realising now, she might just change his mind. As the daughter of a wealthy business man. After spending time with her later in the hotel he knew she was the winner. And the one!

I loved and adored this sexy, romance. It thrilled me to enjoy this amazing story. Many thanks to this brilliant author, Laurelin Paige. I have just loved this entire series, especially this one as well!!

* I recommend this book to everyone!!
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4.3 out of 5 stars