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Customer Review

23 August 2015
I downloaded this book liking the sound of the premise, even though the mere mention of vampires sends my eyes rolling. That said, I really liked this book, but I had one big problem with it. I felt like I was reading a Part 2. The back story with Dominic, unknown, information about the uncle unknown, and generally, there were snippets of information that were not skimmed over, but completely jumped over and forgotten. Occasionally there was the reflection, along the line of 3 weeks later, with a quick reflection on what happened during week one and two, but on the whole, whole weeks pass, and information missing. Like Lily's best friend- what happened to her? Antonio, he helped raise her, but why? All the information about why Lily was small and her own awakening, totally confusing, but like I said, I thought maybe I had bought the second instalment of a series, but apparently not.
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4.3 out of 5 stars