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Reviewed in Australia on 20 July 2017
A great author such as Ludlum had the ability to enter into completely different settings and stories, at the same time proposing a version of his “flawed” hero, to whom all sorts of things happened in the book and who was at risk of dying more than once, but in the end he could succeed, despite the fact that he always made many false steps and hurt himself a great deal.
In this case, there’s a British university teacher, James Matlock, who is involved in trying to get rid of a huge organization connected to drug trafficking, prostitution, and much more, that involves many American universities. Matlock is not a fool. Being a former soldier, he is full of inventive. However, he finds himself struggling against something bigger than him and in doing so, in an escalation of murders, chases, abductions, explosions and so on, at some point, he will not know how many of the parties are at stake and whether there is at least one that he can trust.
In this book Ludlum, as always, shows a great inventiveness and his ability to keep you turning the pages. Along with Matlock, the reader will try to come up with a tricky net of intrigues and, perhaps, survive.
Although this book is written in 1973, the book is very timely. Of course, there are no mobiles, there is no internet and so many other technologies we can find in action thrillers these years, but the difficulty created by the absence of such means, with the protagonist who is forced to go hunting for telephone booths (!), makes your reading even more enjoyable and the sense of danger more realistic.

Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli, author of 
Kindred Intentions
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