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Reviewed in Australia on 29 December 2018
I've just connected my Home HQ to the 3rd Gen Amazon Dot that arrived today.... I've spent the entire day exploring the Echo Dot. The experience has been quite mind blowing. I can't remember an experience like setting up this piece of tech since setting up my first Apples in the very early nineties.

The only difference is that today has been frustration free. The entire process of installing one of these 3rd Gen Amazon Echo Dots has been an enthralling experience.

The ease of setting these Dots up is just the remarkable experience. Nothing went wrong. Nothing failed. Indeed the Dot offered to help with some advice a few times which was rather breath taking.

Each process was easy. Each process took no more than a minute.

When I say process, I mean adding “Skills” to the Dot. There are hundreds of them. And every one that I added was an adventure. It was an exploration.

And not a single issue adding the dozen or more I added.

But where the Dot became really interesting was when I started connecting the smart devices I have.

I think I have 30 or so smart devices from 6 or so different vendors that I have installed over the last 12 months.

So I also have the same number of apps (6) to have to remember and find and half of them do not support Landscape mode on an iPad which is very important to me.

I had to search for the apps that I had smart devices connected to and one by one add them to the Echo Dots Application.

Then it was a matter of scrolling through the very long list of Apps that Amazon support to find the ones I am using. Some of which I couldn't remember.

But one by one as I added these services to Amazon not only did all of my services connect successfully but the Dot found every single device connected to that service and connected each smart device to the Amazon eeko system.

As I was scrolling through the list of services, I was down to just two remaining services to find and then appeared the Home HQ service.

I was a bit surprised as I had forgotten that it was compatible. And the majority of my devices are HQ devices.

So I connected it to Home HQ successfully and it found and connected to every single one of its devices. Around 9 of them I think.

So all of my smart devices from all of the vendors I have are now connected to the Dot and are in categories.

I'm just stunned at how stress free it was and how easy it was to set up.

I can now control all of my smart tech from one app that is fully landscape and I now no longer have to be bothered by which devices work with which app.

They now all work together from one place.

And that is something I never even dreamed off. It takes the pressure off future purchases so I can focus on the cost and functionality of each device and not if it will work with anything.

I now feel much more confident about the investment I have made in Home HQ tech.

Friday, December 28, 2018 - 23:28:56PM
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