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Reviewed in Australia on 17 May 2020
Favorite Quotes:

“Okay, boys, this is where I take my leave. I have no interest in unloading, building, assembling, or anything other than a nice hot cup of tea and the Downton Abbey marathon tonight on the television. Kiss your mother goodbye.” I exchanged a look with Garrett. We knew she would really watch The Real Housewives of somewhere and fix herself a huge martini, but we were both too smart to mention it.

I braced because every southern girl knows when a middle name gets dropped, &*s about to become serious.

“Sometimes the best part of building something new is tearing down what stood in its place.” I held out the sledgehammer as an offering.

Oh my god, Willa! Sharing a Netflix password is the new pre-engagement, everyone knows that.

If a man’s any kind of man at all he knows the difference between love and lust. Lust is in a hurry, but love is already there.

My heart was a wild thing in my chest and my eyes grew hot with emotion.

“We took vows in front of God, Willa. You will always be my wife.” … “We were in Las Vegas, Tommy. God had nothing to do with it. We took our vows in front of Elvis, and he’d probably agree with me that you’re an @hole,”

My Review:

This was my second exposure to the clever wordcraft of Nora Everly and I as was well entertained and pleasantly immersed in her amusing storytelling during both, I have become a devoted fangirl. Her beguiling and witty writing was well-paced, engaging, easy to follow, and conjured crisp visuals in my gray matter while her irreverent humor kept a smirk close at hand. The well-drawn characters were endearing and accessible while realistically flawed. I adored this couple and was totally smitten with Everett as he is the perfect man: handsome, sexy, sweet, protective, thoughtful, and every inch of him well assembled. Everett had tools and knew what to do with them - in every room of the house. But he only had eyes for Willa and called her sweetness and frequently told her she was beautiful and could have or do anything she wanted – oh swoon! Of course, all that perfection could only be found on my Kindle.
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4.4 out of 5
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