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24 May 2014
It is very tough standing at the bottom of the mountain looking up knowing that your path crosses it. That in many ways is what this book is about and that is why it is not perhaps for everyone.

There is little doubt that life if full of obstacles and that overcoming these makes you a better person but the journey to overcome them is challenging and none more so unless you have the determination to tackle with these with resolve.

This book is certainly inspiring and challenging in the path that it points you along, however don't be fooled that it is an easy path. Yet, take solace in the fact that it is a path that a great many embark on but few complete. The book is easy to read and quite enjoyable and does challenge you to do better by demonstrating how others have got on with what needs doing and when they reflect back the challenges don't seem quite so great.

This book is for those who are committed on a path of self improvement and appreciate the fact that they live in an imperfect world, much of which is beyond their control. It should inspire you and show you that this path is the one worth taking although it may not appear that way at the outset.

Leading a good life is more about a philosophy than any secret formula. This book demonstrates that it is possible and that the challenge is to embrace the obstacles and see them as integral to being alive. That however is no easy process but possible as many others throughout history can attest to.
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