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4.6 | 3,246 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Pros: High value; good sound quality; good noise cancellation - key of this headphone
Cons: Not ideal for sports; relatively heavy

Given the pros and cons I think this is a headphone that serves its purpose well. I mean to use it at home, on transportation, and in office. So sports performance doesn't matter to me and I
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By PhoenixEX
I initially throught that I would buy an extra more affordable noise cancellation headphone for my son to do his home schooling. It turns out that he is now using the old one and I am using this one.
The product is quality-when you have an overall look at the headset, the way the logo is imprinted, the quality of the plastic and
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By Kevin T
- The device is mainly built from smooth and glossy plastic material, this will keep the device weight down.
- The design is very clean and simple, the buttons ( on/off, ANC and volume controls ), spacing and size are good and allows easy access.
- The clamshell case is compact and the shell is strong enough to keep the device
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By yen
4.5 | 462 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was looking to buy a pair of cans to replace my now obsolete Bose AE2. I want to highlight some of the headphones' hidden features that might help you make a purchase decision.

First, the battery life of these cans is excellent. My wife uses Bose QC 35, and TaoT requires fewer power top-ups than the Bose. Second, the
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By Rahul Rai
I will admit, I got these on a whim checking to see if they were worth anything since the price was so much lower than other highly recommend similar products. I got these and put them through a huge test. First off...super easy to set up on my Note 9. Took a run around 2 blocks and left phone at played seamlessly. Mowed the
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By Midori
Got these to help reduce noise working from home. Tried them out and thought they were pretty good and great for the price, paired easily, good anc, decent sound etc. The next day there were workers with power tools, and even a wood chipper working nearby - turned on the anc and forgot about it.... it was only when I took them off that I
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By Sam Squanch
4.3 | 1,487 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This really does what it needs to do at a great price. The headphone hanger comes with 2 screws for mounting (which I didn't use) and 3M self-adhesive sticker which was easily strong enough to hold to the underside of my desk. It's a great way to keep headphones off the top of your desk when you're not using them. Highly
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By Ian L
Strong adhesive - fastens to the desk and even with pretty hard pulling doesn't come off. Wish the rubber was a bit more firm - it's not wobbly but it can make it a bit hard to put your headphones on it at times because it just moves away from you, and additionally the space between the hook and the headphones isn't too large
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By Prime03
They have provided screws to attach the holder with. For me, the adhesive is just a bonus. I know it cannot be completely relied on. So as far as sticking it in place and made it last is good. The only drawback is the material used and this is a major issue. The silicone will over time go sticky, like any other rubber or silicone that I
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By Danny
4.5 | 284 customer ratings
87% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
You can never have enough Wireless BT earbuds. Especially with our current lockdown restrictions the only thing we can do at stage 4 lockdown is to walk. we are now allowed to walk 2 hours a day so the best thing to do is to relax and listen and enjoy music. I have walked over the whole week with these BT earbuds and have still got 50%
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By Kevin
Great set of wireless noise cancelling earbuds.
I ordered these on Friday and received them on Tuesday so very quick delivery.

Earbuds are of a very high quality. Easy to pair just take them out of the case and select the earbuds on the Bluetooth menu. Maybe just a little fiddly to get out of the case. The fit was really
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By Cameron C
The carry case is small and very lightweight and the 3 extra charges that it provides has been sufficient for me so far. I get closer to 6-7 hours battery life with ANC off and 4-5 hours with it on, which is still good. I would have traded a larger case for wireless charging ability though.
The ANC is pretty good, good enough for my
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By st_za
4.7 | 133 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Sound, build and value proposition for the cost are excellent for this product. I have purchased many products from this brand and they exceed the expectations everytime.
Love the fact that these are small.. light and have great music output and call quality.
The connectivity is consistent and automatic, I've had no issues with
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By satyam bisen
Arrives in a box with sleek packaging and is a great alternative pair of cheap wireless buds in comparison to other products available on the market. Setting up the connection and pairing with your devices is seemless - quick and easy.
I love taking these buds around with me. They're a perfect companion for
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By Jen
The headphones are conveniently sized and secure when in one's ears. I cannot stress how good these headphones are especially for the price. the audio quality is clear and well balanced, the battery life is more than satisfactory and the charging case can complete several full charges. The size is convenient and the case is compact and
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By Alex Jenkins
4.1 | 352 customer ratings
73% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought blue ant pump lite 2. I still have them and great for $69 (Amazon). Then bought seinheisser 6.00 cbt. For $88 the sound (Qualcomm aptx, latency,) is great sound. They were problematic. Poor fit. Battery died after 6 months. I ended up getting Helm tws 5.0. Had issues with setup and Bluetooth pairing. Instructions were wrong. Turn
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By David Johnston
Look a bit 'bling'? Check. Overly large charging case? Check. Sound brilliant when fed the right signal? Check, and check again. The sound is great soI hope the build has the
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By Sain
I bought this headphones to use with my laptop and iPhone, but I discovered if you paired it with two devices you cannot switch between them, you need to access the device Bluetooth menu and forcibly disconnect the headset then pair them again with the other device like if it was a new connection.

If you are planning to use
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By Ahmed M. Shaheen
3.9 | 360 customer ratings
69% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
These fit in my ears. don’t fall out, have great sound and long charge
Very happy with them, much better than my expensive Apple ones that fell out
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By sue p
Haven’t liked wireless headphones but have tried these (after 2 others that weren’t comfortable) and love them! Excellent with different sized tips, amazing noise reduction (to the point I have to be extra careful when running to cross roads), and decent microphone for talking whilst running too. Charge quickly, easy to use and
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By ChrissyKat78
Unfortunately mine didn't work so had to return them for a refund, which I'm still waiting, waiting waiting
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By Amazon Customer
4.6 | 15 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I ummed and ahhed about this. Even tried the UE Megaboom first.
This is a next-level device with some next-level sound.

The major advantages over UE Megaboom:

1. Next level sound quality (UE MBooms sounds really good, but this takes it to a new level). Awesome up to about 70 - 80% but watch out the base cuts out
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By Bushmaster
Fantastic portable speaker. Hard to believe the sound coming out of a portable device.

I use it with my main Sonos Woofer & Soundbar as a rear speaker when I am at
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By Chryophase
What I wish I knew before I bought this is:
- it’s huge and heavy. I read it was but that didn’t prepare me, this is like carrying around a 4 litre bottle of water.
- the app is terrible, you need to reset the device to change wifi
- many functions, including google assistant voice only work on wifi (not
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