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4.4 | 850 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Some people say this little box of goodness has fantastic build quality. I guess if youre comparing it with todays electronics but it cant hold a candle to the portable devices Sony made in mid '90s to the mid '00s that had magnesium alloy cases and big chunky buttons and remote controls which were out of this world. The sound quality of
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By ReachForTheSkies
Equalizer detailed enough to tune to my headphones. Very happy with sound. 16 gig storage good. No radio, minor
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By Ralph
Beautifully constructed. A solid and visually pleasing device.
Plays music and podcasts very well.
Good battery life

Does not connect to wi-fi.
Doesn't play videos. Won't display your photos. Does not play Audible books.
I was able to convert my Audible aax files to mp3 files but it
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By Paul Thompson
4.6 | 310 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I really love my kindle PW, it is an awesome device for reading and kindle library management.

It's just a little disappointing it misses some key features available in other regions - namely, audible support with bluetooth audio device pairing that isn't tied to VoiceView and the horrid assistive UI changes (why these are
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By David
I'm a bit mixed about this item. The hardware is undeniably good, but the user interface (both in book and at the home screen) is quite poor. The home screen seems highly oriented towards selling books to you, and from my perspective this is wasted space I'd like to see dedicated to useful functions. Even from the home screen the library
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By Anne Nonymous
I think that the quality of my Kindle Paperwhite (Waterproof) cover is not up to Amazon's excellent standard.
The edges are starting to deteriorate. I have tried to stop that by rubbing glue along the edges, but the result doesn't look too great. I love my Paperwhite Kindle, and like to make it look
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By William
4.2 | 886 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It has a very feel to it. I bought it for my son because I want him to have access to his favourite music. Just trying it out now, but from the look of it, it's a very nice device and easy to manoeuvre. I did notice that the buttons are a little fidgety and the charging cable doesn't go all the way in which is weird but it is charging
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I'm rapt with this MP3 player, my first, I know I was always last :-). Easy to set up, just connected to windows 7 pc and downloaded my music & photo's hassle free. The player has a quality (as metal) feel. The earbuds work perfectly but I would prefer headphones as I cannot keep both 'buds in when I move around. Enjoy, as I
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By Larry nolan
I was looking for an Mp3 so as not to rely on my phone to carry the burden of my music library. This mini Mp3 is tiny and fits neatly in the palm of your hand. It feels sturdy and durable with it's metal casing and the mini screen is a nice touch. It easily paired with the Bluetooth in my car as well as the AUX and USB. I prefer to use
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By Renae C.
4.1 | 3,660 customer ratings
76% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Easy to use, connects fine to MacBook, leave it ON when plug in, took a while to load the music. 32GB is loads of room.
Love the folder view. The "Albums" view on the music player only shows half of the name, as seen in the video.
Use the folder view it's better and your folder system is kept.
Came with decent earphones,
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By Amazon Customer
i purchased this after my ipod touch of 10+ years finally broke down
it is exactly as advertised.
exactly what i needed. easy to navigate and store music, great internal storage and ability to add more!
Highly recommend to those who enjoy having their music player separate from their
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By Nicole
Player is light weight and easy to use and has very good sound performance. some cool features built into the device, such as photos and a radio. The touch screen works well. It offers all the features you could want such as the option to increase storage. The armband is a great
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By vinod
4.1 | 858 customer ratings
73% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased this to use on a long multi-day cycling race that wouldn't have regular access to power. My intention was to load a multi-part audiobook on and listen to it as i rode - replacing the AAA battery as needed. Unfortunately, it's not a great interface for navigating files or playing in file name order. This would be perfect for
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By Amazon Customer
You would think after all the tech advances since the arrival of MP3 player they would've perfected the MP3 player.
Worst thing is the menu selection. If your track/folder has a long title, the title will not scroll along the screen before the standby is engaged. Meaning you cannot read the title. This is a problem when the title is
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By Eric Inglis
I bought this Mp3player because it runs on AAA batteries (rechargeable) - which I find convenient because, when the battery runs flat, I can just replace it rather than having to wait for the lithium battery to recharge.
Sadly, this player hasn't been what I expected, because:
- the sound quality is poor. (I tried changing the
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By Chris Davidson
4.1 | 793 customer ratings
76% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The look, feel, and sound of this product is fantastic. I listen mostly to Metal, I couldn't be happier with how it sounds. Its accessing your music that is the problem.
Through the "music" folder, the device rearranges the order of songs on each album. Its not even alphabetical, just random.
Through the "folder" folder, the
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By Michael Jordan
I bought this as a music player. I don’t need a 2.4 inch video player or e-book reader. I will use it while on walks or runs, I wanted something that would fit in my little shorts pockets, which my phone doesn’t. I also figured that a dedicated music player would be better than a phone, that it would be better designed than software
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By Sean Dent
Very nice good, but not a very good finished product. The screen is very pleasant and the colour is very good. The sound is rather without basses, but very good for audio plays. Stereo separation is very good. You cannot expect a thousand dollars Sony Walkman for the price of this product, but it is decent for what you pay and it works
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By profgyland
4.2 | 322 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It is a quality player and everything works as specified. M0 - almost perfect design and only an integrated metal clip is missing to make it ideal for active, outdoor use. No, the plastic or leather cases for it are not good
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By D9
Very small and easy to use. Menus were slightly lag-y out of the box, but perfect after updating firmware. Sound quality is also very good.

Would wholeheartedly
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By Amazon Customer
The sound is great and it is very versatile, strangely enough is a bit small for me, I keep misplacing it. I would buy again though for
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By Frank h.
4.0 | 1,164 customer ratings
73% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It didn't come with earphones so I'm using the set that came with my cell phone. It sounds okay (not all that much bass) but I'm expecting better after I order the matching earphones. I started loading and operating the unit without even reading the instructions so it's quite easy if you have basic knowledge of loading music from your
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By SeaWasp
I bought this as a birthday present for my friend. This MP3 player is incredible. The sound is really good, it's so simple to use and work around. I've added a huge amount of MP3's to it already and still have space. It feels solid and of great quality and the sound is crystal clear. The little case is perfect for holding this and the
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By Debra
I’m not very happy, I understand this is a very affordable device. But it won’t work, I put the correct file types on it and it was a gift for my son for a three week road trip. He’s now upset because the only thing he can do on it is check the time. I’m very frustrated and will now have to buy him another device. This was meant
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By Jessica Smallwood
4.0 | 837 customer ratings
71% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
- Button usage/selection can be a bit odd at first
- Power switch is a little short
- most 3.5mm jack plugs are bigger than the player itself, so sits uneven on some surfaces
- Equalizer doesn't support broader ranger or higher peaks
- Play speed settings not optimized as well as other models and very
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By DarkQuill
PROS: Length of play time is excellent. Size is perfect- neat fit in pockets. Easy on and off. Sound is excellent for audiobooks.
CON: Does not continue on from where I turn it off. Keeps reverting back to where I started listening after the last charge. And does not follow chapter after chapter in the one audiobook. May need to
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By Sandie Hill
Great for everything except a not so straightforward access to volume up and down. Not clearly explained in
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By Rosemary Duncan
4.0 | 623 customer ratings
75% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Love it. Far smaller than I thought, but perfect for
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By Anna M
Does what it is supposed to do in a small
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By Happy Customer
The players external construction is poor. In order to decrease the volume on my player I have to press down on the button very hard and the button does not flex properly. It's just stiff and unresponsive and I suspect it will break soon due to the force I have to put into it to make this button work. Also the 'up menu'
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By Paul Thompson
3.9 | 2,337 customer ratings
69% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Gone are the days of listening to my 9 and 6 yr old boys' music in the car!! They don't need to fight over who gets to pick the next song and whine until it's over - they both have their own play lists and get kick out of hearing their own name when they hit the play list button. This mum is a cool mum for getting the gifts and my ears
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By Sharni Fletcher
I did a lot of research before purchasing the Mighty Vibe and this device has made my 10km runs so much easier. This device is very small and clips onto your pants easily (hides under your shirt). It connects to my Powerbeats Pro (see below for steps to connect is successfully each time). The device has great battery life, high quality
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By M Lahey
Overall it works as advertised. The app is a bit confusing so a bit tricky to get working at the start. To be honest, it's fine. We unfairly compare it to how easy an iPhone or iPod is to use and on that it's not as easy re syncing, but that's not fair as they are totally different price points and products. I miss the old simple
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By Matt Mueller
3.9 | 1,670 customer ratings
71% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I started with a 40gig iriver MP3 player in ?2001.
Have been using SanDisk players since a few years after that.
They just work without any fuss.
The newer generation sport with Bluetooth are as rock solid as the original.
Loading music or audiobooks onto it is as simple as plugging it into your computer and using it
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By denis harrington
Good for running and exercising. Bluetooth connection to Jaybird X4 can be a fiddle. Cannot skip tracks using controls on the Jaybird buds. Clip works well to attach to clothing and ensure that unit can be attached close to Bluetooth buds to minimize signal interference . Battery life is very
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By Jean Brink
Not easy to use. Clip broke off after it dropped one metre onto floorboards. Sound quality was average. Player also stopped responding after 10 months of use e.g. would not turn on and could not be charged. I did get s full refund which was great. But this product isn't
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By Amazon Customer
4.0 | 439 customer ratings
75% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love the small size and that it isn't too hard to navigate after a while. I like how simple it is to add songs. What I found is a bummer is that it won't connect to players with a radio? I couldn't get it to connect to headphones or music player via bluetooth. I did manage to get it to connect to a Miniso speaker. But the sound can be
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By May
I loved this thing so much I can't give it one star BUT I've had two of these and returned both for refunds.
The first worked brilliantly for a couple of weeks, I loved it, then the first time I took it on a big long run it went dead, wouldn't re-start, wouldn't recharge, just dead. I returned it and bought another.
Exactly the
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By steve blake
Bought this hoping for a cheap iPod alternative for the car. For starters, won't connect with car in auxiliary port, won't play songs from micro sd card purchased with it, I keep getting formatting error messages, won't stay connected with bluetooth ear buds ( JBL reflect 2), just disconnects after about 5 seconds. Apparently the
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By Booge
4.0 | 400 customer ratings
69% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Fantastic little unit, just what I was after, something that would play FLAC files. Only niggle I've had is that some FLAC files won't play when they've been obtained from 'certain' sources. So I'm taking FLAC files, converting them using VLC media player to FLAC files but with the highest possible bit rate etc, and they are working a
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By Marco
If I didn't like them, I wouldn't have kept buying them. However I do have quiet a few issues with them.

1. The user manuals are appalling, making it very difficult to work out how each one function.

2. They change the user interface on every new device, and without decent manuals, it's a bit of a task trying to
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By John Hood
While the MP3 player itself works, the data/charging cable was defective and the supplied headphones only lasted one use. Also, the player is made from cheap plastic so be careful not to drop this! But the MP3 player does work and is very easy to use. My daughter, 11, has no difficulty at
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By Tom O'Brien
4.0 | 388 customer ratings
73% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
- bluetooth
- very compact device and has a built in clip, clip it anywhere
- supplied arm strap is adjustable and has a hi-vis strip if you running at night
- mp3 clips on to arm band easily
- controls straightforward
- has other function such as e book etc

- no video
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By Hansen Li
Very light music player and excellent sound. I always used it when I am doing jogging and exercise. Great sounds and clear even there are outside sounds. I am very happy about this product because it is cheaper than the other music player. My son loves it also when he likes to hear some music. He tried to record in this music player and
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By Joseph Andes
it does everything well. Menu is a little hard to navigate initially but you get used to it. It does connect to all my bluetooth devices except for my Bose 500 Soundbar. To be fair, when you google it, it does sound like the Bose is kinda picky but it does pair with my Samsung S10+. So I had to return it as it is kinda useless to my
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By Gary Lee
4.4 | 97 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have had a Kindle Paperwhite for 12 years and loved it but this Kindle is an incredible upgrade as it has a larger screen, is lighter than my old Kindle and has buttons to go back and
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By Trisha Moss
Solid made. Happy with the texture and look, and works well waking my kindle up and putting it to sleep.

2 things i wish i should have known before purchase

1. it surely adds a decent amount of weight. the cover itself probably weighs the same as kindle.
2. Back of the case is made of hard plastic. I would like
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By Biye Z.
This is a great cover. The fabric feels nice and gives a good grip. It looks very attractive - similar to linen. The construction is good quality so far (have had a few weeks now). I like that I can read in the bath with this cover.
I previously bought a cheaper cover and the plastic edges cracked and broke. Save yourself the
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By Fiona H
3.9 | 591 customer ratings
71% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
After checking all the reviews, I was feeling pretty confident that these would work as stated. I was not wrong.

These headphones have changed my swimming routine from constantly the same. To a much more comfortable and rewarding experience.

As per other reviews. Yes, you will need to find the correct plugs to stop
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By Tony B
Took a little time to work out the best fit for my ears so they wouldn't fall out while I swam, the "fin" piece helps keep them locked in and the "cone" piece helps keep water out of my ears! So I love that there was choices and mix and match options for the headphones.

The music sounds a little tinny/metalic when my head is
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By E. Gorman
It’s been fine for my main use - walking up and down in the local pool and doing pool based strength work. Light weight and clips on easily and firmly. Awkward adding songs from iTunes but that’s more about iTunes. Main frustrations (1)one or both earphones falling out of my ear/s any time I immerse my head - even a gentle back
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By Candice
product price & FREE Delivery. Details
4.1 | 172 customer ratings
75% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It's a SONY!

Growing up I was always jealous of kids on the bus with MP3 Players. Now in the age of streaming services, I wanted to have a simple device loaded up with music I like that I can take anywhere and use no
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By Roland Pedeferri
Bought this for my Dad who is approachimg 70 and struggles with technology. He loves this device and raves about it just about every time I see
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By Philip
Should be cheaper... internal storage should be bigger!!!
And it could be better set-up
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By B
4.0 | 165 customer ratings
70% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good product. Looks nice just like the pictures. The screen is big and the sound its fine. The back has a metallic feel and in general i believe is an amazing product for the price...battery is
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By Rodrigo Moreno
It does the job well. You need a light to see the buttons - they aren't lit up or raised to be able to identify them in low light. The other issue is with pairing to headphones. It doesn't remember the pair and needs to reconnect each time I wish to listen with bluetooth
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By Kathy Brunning
Mostly works Ok but lack of contrast on the display and small letters are hard to read. Also the symbols on the pink case face are hard to read too, especially in the
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By Norm Kirton
product price
4.2 | 83 customer ratings
79% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
A good
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By Samih Saad
This small player provides much higher fidelity and controllable playback than a mobile phone. It is possible to provide filters and enhancements to music – I particularly like it's ability to simulate the sound of vinyl recordings. The player is small and I find it a little fiddly on occasions but then again I'm rather old! Even with
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By Max M
Bad Battery Life! Says it has 45 hours but I’m only getting 5-7 Hours out of it, no wonder Sony doesn’t tell you the exact mAh because it’s 750mAh which is unbelievable for a music player of this quality and price range. They have completely ruined there product because of this I have to charge it 3 times a day... But other than
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By James