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4.6 | 4,010 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I suffered from extremely dry skin and contact dermatitis this winter.. we moved into a new house that required a gas heater so this honestly saved my skin! It's great that its portable because I moved it into the bedroom when we slept, and the timer was great because it would auto turn off when it reached the right humidity levels.
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I had previously bought a Breville humidifier which broke in 2 weeks and had to return and found the TaoTronics humidifier with so many reviews. I have been using this for a week and a half and my husband and I love it! Its perfect for the winter nights were now experiencing and even better for me because of my psoriasis. No issues, easy to use, quiet (except for the occasional glugging water sound) and the mist control is amazing. We use it on the low setting and uses half a tank overnight.
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By Dianne
This is a great little unit and better than anything I could find in Australian stores. The auto-off features work well, the reservoir is huge and the digital humidity readout keeps my partner happy.

I don't like having to clean these things but it's pretty easy with this one. If you have hard water you will probably have to filter it as suggested too. The water here in Brisbane was leaving a fine white mineral deposit around the room until I started filtering the water.
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By Jamie
4.6 | 323 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Amazon has many Essential Oil Diffuser to offer from various companies, ranging from 100mL to a whopping 1000mL. Most of them would have simple functions such as lights, strong/weak mist, and a timer. Since there is soo much of these products available for customers, I'll specifically be looking at the ASAKUKI 700ml Premium Essential Oil Diffuser, which I have owned and used for about three months now (at the time of this review).

The presentation of the box design is nicely presented, giving an impression of a premium product. Inside the box, you'll get the Essential Oil Diffuser (which I like the way it looks), an AC adapter, a measuring cup, a card telling us how satisfied we are with the product, and a quick start guide. The build quality of the Essential Oil Diffuser feels good, noted to be made out of polycarbonate plastic, making it safe to be used
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By Justin N.
Firstly, it's an amazing unit!! Great capacity and allows the essential oils to be dispersed quite good, Yes it's plastic, but not overly concerned about that. Small mist mode still puts out quite a fair decent amount of mist, large mist mode may end up leaving small amounts of water on bench top due to the large volume of mist in this setting. Depending on the type of essential oils or fragranced oils you use, you will need anywhere between 6 - 10 drops with this unit. Very quite too!! Colour change options very depending on what you like, either cyclic through 7 colours, or static on an individual colour. Overall, grest unit and better than others thay cost more, very impressed and have bought another as a gift!! :-)
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By Xirion Bydian
I love this thing - haven't had a diffuser before so don't expect an expert review from me. Usually I will put lavender oil in and allow it to diffuse while I sleep - the timer is great for this but it will also stop on its own when it runs out of water, so I can usually just leave it on overnight. It starts working immediately and the scent fills my average size bedroom very well. I mention that it fills my bedroom because I haven't tried using it to fill the entire (small) apartment yet, just my bedroom - which it does very well.

It makes little 'blooping' sounds, splashing sounds, as it works, and for me this is wonderful because it acts like a calming white noise - but others have mentioned that it disturbs them as light sleepers. If you're likely to be awakened by bubbling noises,
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By Sarah E.
4.4 | 123 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
After researching and reading about different humidifiers, this one came up as really good value for money and I have to say it exceeded all expectations. It’s quite, has 3 modes and with it’s handy display, you can see that it’s actually working.
One small negative would be that time section on that display is not showing digits correctly, but we have at least 5 other options to check time. Temp and humidity is what I want to know.
Great little unit. :)
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By Ved099
As far as humidification goes, this product does the job quite well. The reservoir is detachable, which is good because that makes it easy to clean, and bad because it necessitates a valve to feed the water into the base of the unit, which introduces a point of failure. The bigger problem is that for some reason, the refill port is on the bottom of the reservoir, which is a baffling design decision, to say the least. I'm unable to see why a simple screw-down cap on the top of the reservoir wouldn't have done the job much better. As it is, the refill procedure is unnecessarily tedious and messy, and goes like this:

1. Remove the cap over the mist outlet. (Why does this even exist, why couldn't it be integral?)

2. Lift the reservoir up so that you can carry it to the sink. Make sure you hold a towel
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By Secret Agent Man
I've had tested this many times, filling up the tank and letting it run until it's empty. I originally had it on a table in my loungeroom and the hygrometer ~4m away next to my rodent's cage (I bought it for them, dry air isn't good for them). None of the power settings made a difference to the measured humidity. There is only a detectable difference when placed in the direct path of the water vapour or below the humidifier where the mist falls. I have since moved the humidifier to an inconvenient location right in front of the cage where I can see the water vapour going into the front of the cage, but the hygrometer ~1m to the side of the humidifier shows no increase in humidity after hours of use. I know the hygrometer works because it does go up and down, especially when the windows are
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By Steph vR
4.9 | 26 customer ratings
100% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Arrived very quickly! Solid construction, I like the little 'tick' feeling when you turn the dial to "off". There is an LED button to change the colours. The water tank (top fill) is a decent size, I think it could run for 16 hours straight. The mist is strong and fine, but I did not try to use my oils in it so I don't know how far the scent could travel.
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By Hakkuryuu
Very happy with this purchase, especially since I got it during deal time. Large tank capicity, strong mist, ideal for open plan space. The LED light is a nice feature, my son is mesmerised by it. But I highly recommend this diffuser. Will try the other models for smaller rooms now that I know it’s a good brand.
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By Ch3r15h
Hold heaps of water and adjustable disk you can set direction of output.
Quite and efficient.
Has safety shutoff for when out of water
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By AndroidAdam
4.1 | 527 customer ratings
75% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The diffuser is amazing, the outlook design is so beautiful and cute, which is just what I want, working with 7 different color LED lights (you can also turn it off if you don't want). It is very easy to use, and most important, also very easy to clean. Besides, the app and wi-fi function is so great, I can use my Amazon Alexa to turn on/off it which is so convenient. Moreover, the auto turn-off setting makes it safe to use, you don't need to worry about running out of water when you are asleep.
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By Jianliang Zhou
Great diffuser, blows out a decent amount of smoke (which is adjustable to be set to high or low). Only complain I got is putting on the top part. You can see in the photo that there is a piece of plastic sticking out of the top cap, and a rectangular hole on the diffuser, which is where the air comes through to push out a good mist of vapor upward. Love this diffuser!!! Definitely recommend!
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By Suuue
Absolutely love this diffuser. Hubby & I use it every night after work to wind down and relax.
It’s quiet and love the water sound.

To the seller Best investment.

Definitely will order more they will make great gifts.

Highly recommended 😍
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By Sarah Underwood
4.6 | 29 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Well designed and built humidifier. I love how minimalistic it is, it fits in well in my bedroom or living room. It can hold 2.2L of water yet the body is very light in terms of weight, makes it very portable. Easy to fill in water, simply just lift up the cap and pour the water in. Very easy to clean as well, it has to be the most easiest to clean humidifier so far, I can use tea towel to wipe inside without trouble. It also has an auto turn off function, I always have a feeling when I am using other product that it will burn out as it doesn’t have this amazing function. I have been using it for couple days and so far I am really satisfied!
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By Rhona Lam
Purchased this humidifier for my plants, love the white and rectangle shape which perfectly fit in my plant shelf, very easy to use and it has 3 adjustable mist modes, I normally use level 3. If came with timer that would be perfect. Overall, very happy with it
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By Joyce Koo
Loved the product.
After extensively testing it for a month, it works more or less as promised. The huge tank offers a long session of misting and coolness that was much needed. Relatively low maintenance and super easy to use.
I dont really think it works for a whole day on a full tank. Maybe like 18-20 hrs on the low setting at best.
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By MrBlaz3star
4.9 | 14 customer ratings
100% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
It is very lovely and nice item for aromatherapy.
Wood design and style is very suplendid and all in a compact size.
It lasts for 3hours. I always use this in my bedroom.i love to use it on daily basis.very nice and beautiful item for a beautiful house. Thanku seller.
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By Hina Afzal
Works really well and the good size and the intermittent mist is terrific. I use it every day at my desk! The light choices are nice but most days I don't turn that on. It's extremely quiet if you're thinking of using it in a bedroom. Reasonable price and very easy to control. Very pleased with this purchase.
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By Andrew
Works great. Made from high quality materials. Very useful.
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By Arnie
3.9 | 470 customer ratings
70% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
The product is prefect! 100% worth your money. It’s very portable and it makes very little noise. It can run for 8 hours and the amount of mist that comes out is a lot in comparison to a lot of other humidifiers.
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By Mutinta Mweetwa
I think that the best feature about this product is the price, it does have a few problems which I can cope with for what I paid. Otherwise, it puts out mist pretty well, it's very quiet, and the USB power is convenient, you don't have to worry about adaptors to bring it overseas.

The other reviewer was right that the button does stick; but I've found I can avoid it if I only press the button while I am holding the unit in my hand, instead of pushing the button while it is freestanding. Maybe they could revise the design to have a switch instead. I have only had it for a short time so maybe it will get more stuck

The other fault with the product is that because it shoots the mist straight up, if there's no draught it will settle back on the unit and the top will
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By Brandon
Not what was expected the button gets stuck inside after every click. It just took 1 week for the button to deteriorate.
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By Ayush A.
5.0 | 10 customer ratings
100% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
An absolute great humidifier. My gf is in love with it’s cute look and elegancy. We putted it in our bedroom and we love to keep everything minimalistic and this humidifier just the right thing! We have tried few humidifiers previously but there were something that you feel like missing or extra... But this... Me and my gf are very happy with this purchase. It works quite and it has a light at the bottom of it so the room looks sexy once lights are off.
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By Orkhan Hajiyev
This is the most quiet and least intrusive (in terms of light and sound) of all the humidifier I bought so far. I cannot hear any motor sound.
Also the led light is not that bright and I can actually use it as a night light. When I’m using it during the day, I can turn off the light as well to conseve the battery.
And also it is wireless! The battery can be charged by USB and it the charge last for around 12 hours if I don’t use the led light.
The water tank is large as well, i think around 1L and it has lasted me around 12 hours before I needed to refill it.
This is one of the best and simplest humidifier and it only cost $30!!! Now I want to buy for each room of our house in preparation for winter when the air is dryer.
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By Archerwin
I was deciding all they what kind of humidifier to get for my new fancy room. After i wild searching i have decided to purchase this one and i can't explain how happy i am. It is incredibly humidifier with a lot of advantages for me. Well the main reason of buying it becuase of the smells comes from outside. And the second and one of the most important things was it's design becuase it really has unique and at the same time sweet look. Works perfectly and doesn't have any noise. I loved that i can control the power of this humidifier. It brings out more fog than my another one. I am totally happy of how it's work. In my opinion it deserves attention
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By Aydin
4.4 | 21 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Phillips is doing bloody good job making this product. This is literally the only humidifier i can use in my room. Every bloody humidifier before always make my nose hurt. While this one, humidifying without making any mist. I recommend this product for those who have trouble finding a good humidifier. It might be a bit costly, but, im pretty sute the genius scientist who develop this product needs a decent holiday as well. Since they already make a bloody good product.
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By melvin a.
Excellent humidifier, very quiet and easy to maintain. Works well.

However - buyer beware (!) where this unit falls down - is in the availability of replacement accessories, specifically the replacement wick. It's been out of stock for 2 months now in Australia from Philips directly and their other suggested retailer.

I'm now at a point where I'm considering bringing the wicks in from overseas - at double the local cost! With such a high accessory cost the unit cost effectively doubles after every 1.5yrs of use... not good!

Please do something Philips to get the accessories back in stock - you yourself recommend 3-monthly replacement for the wicks... the manual specifically states "Use only Philips original humidification filter HU4102".

If accessory supply is resolved I would otherwise have no hesitation recommending this humidifier.
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By menthurae
Run the unit in about 18sqm room. the unit hygrometer shows it improves from 43 to 51 after an hour runing. However, my old analogy hygrometer in the room stays the same as 41. The analogy hypgrometer is about 2.5 meter away from the Philips Humidifier.
On the other side, the unit works very quiet and good. except the humidity level that I have not sure which is correct. the unit is great.
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By William
4.7 | 10 customer ratings
100% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good product.
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By John D Bell
Currently using it for my daughter
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By Bah
Looks good. Works well and effectively.
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By Martin Kearin
4.5 | 12 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great product. Fast delivery. Quiet and large reservoir. 400ml will go for about 12 hours in my home. Diffuses scents nicely. Doesn’t appear “cheap”.
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By Amazon Customer
Love this, but the top does not lock in, therefore it drips water. Fine if its on the kitchen bench ( which is where i have it), but no good for a wooden table, shelf etc. Lasts hours, works really well.
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By Lisa
Like the look of it, the capacity and the auto shut off option. The plastic doesn’t look cheap either But it does mist over the surrounding surface, leaving surfaces wet.
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By Nathan Shea
5.0 | 7 customer ratings
100% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is small humidifier is perfect for my small home office room. I set it up on my table and it can go for a few hours on a full charge and full water level.
The thing I like about this personal humidifier is it’s very compact and only almost as big as a mug. I like how it is wireless and can be moved anywhere.
The mist is very fine and is really helping me with my nasal allergy that acts up when the air is too dry.
Good addition to my home office desk for the winter.
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By Archerwin
This is such a cute device I have in my room, it is small in size to fit anywhere. I am using it on the side of my bedroom.
I use heater continuously for cold weather as my room gets dry because of heater I need to humidifie my room. Because of this small device I can still have good and normal sleep at night. I dnt feel my skin getting dehydrated. The design is also so cute and the light even makes it more sleeky.
I am very happy with the product.
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By Patrick
What you like from a humidifier is that it should just work, with no complex setup and this is what you will get with this product.
Super simple to set up, just add water and you are good to go.
It is super quiet and the safety feature just perfect.
So overall looks good, simple features, works perfectly
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By Nathan
5.0 | 6 customer ratings
100% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is quite small, about the size of a coffee travel mug. It was easy to use, it has a cotton tube internally which sucks the water up, which delivers it to the mister at the top.

I wanted this to a store near my wife's indoor plants, as they need a more 'humid' environment. This works well but does require being plugged in. The way they were talking portable I thought it might have a battery, but for the price, I didn't think it would. Works really well, has an auto shut off feature, and a couple of different modes, eg, constant stream vs staggered stream.

I've not used it for its night light options, but imagine that it would be nice if you wanted it in the bedroom or something.
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By Liam Swan
I bought this humidifier for my home office, because of Winter my skin is getting dry. As the size of this humidifier is so portable I am not carrying it everywhere I go, like the home office or car. This humidifier comes with the option to change light colour and the white mist is much better than what I have expected. With USB connection option this device is super easy to connect to any device with USB port on it. Really happy with my purchase, will buy again.
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By Ajaju
This is such a cute device I have in my room, it is small in size to fit anywhere. I am using it on the side of my bedroom as my room gets dry because of heater I used these days. Because of this small device I can still have good and normal sleep at night. I dnt feel my skin getting dehydrated. The design is also so cute and the light even makes it more sleeky.
I am very happy with the product.
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By Patrick
4.2 | 15 customer ratings
81% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This cool mist humidifier is really handy. It doesn’t take too much space of my table. The best part is in-built battery, which doesn’t need a cable handing around. I can carry it to office or room easily. This cool mist humidifier is very easy to use. A short press is ON and long press is light ON. Plus, I really like that you can refill water on the top without open that water tank. Highly recommend!!
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By Peter
Very well built and well designed. Looks amazing . Has a large rltank for water and whisper quiet in operation. The light function can be turned off which is a huge plus.

Can be unplugged from the wall charger and the in built battery lasts well over 9 hours of continuous use. The humidifier auto turns off after 9 hours anyways

For the price there is definitely no complaints
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It's a good looking solid unit that will last a full working day on its own. I bought it for the home office and I have a small 2.7m x 2.6m room and it does the job. It probably won't humidify a bigger room in my opinion. It only has one on and off button, no fancy settings and an indicator on how much battery life you have left, it is a simple, clean humidifer with a USB charging port. The water reservoir is big enough that you only have to refill it once maybe every two or three days. For $36 it's fairly good value for money.
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By Amazon Customer