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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
Finders Keepers
Format: Kindle Edition|Change

TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 February 2018
I love Aussie authors and I especially love N.R. Walker. From all her books, I have only not fallen like a tonne of bricks for 1 or 2 of her novels, so her strike rate is top notch.

I particularly loved this book. I adored both Dane and Griffin and seriously who didn't love Wicket? One of the stellar qualities of an NR Walker novel is not only her amazing secondary characters, and here in Finders Keepers she once again gives us so much with a fabulous supporting cast, in Bernice and K, but her time and attention to detail that go into setting her scenes, her locations and giving us readers an Aussie holiday even from within our loungerooms.

Reading Finders Keepers, I felt the warmth of the Queensland Sunshine Coast, one I was familiar with, so it wasn't hard to imagine the warm coastal waters and the silky feel of the white sand under Griffin's feet, and I could easily relate to the sweaty burn in Griffin's legs as he walked the Coolum National Park trek. I also could fully relate to Dane, as the Telstra store manager, how many of us have gone into one just to get something fixed with our phones, or account. Such wonderful writing about our things relevant to our country, its hard not to get completely lost in an NR Walker novel.

Those that have been to sunny Qld, and spoken to generational locals will also know there is a distinct 'Qld speak' that is quite separate from any other state. 'Aye' is a word that comes most readily to mind. So, not reading that word spoken at all in this book while unusual for two born and raised Qld boys, speaking with 2 older Qld locals,while it surprised me, it didn't bother me. I know there have been some negatives with the changing Aussie vernacular, merging it into a more reader friendly mix of Australian slang and American expressions and British/Aussie humour.

I didn't find it hard to lose myself in the writing, the story unfolded sweetly, the alternating point of views pulled me in, so each page was turned with either a smile on my face or anticipation humming in my veins, and given that I'm of vintage age, I think my ready acceptance to reading less 'Aussie slang' in an Aussie book written by an Aussie author, was mostly due to a few things: The sweet way the story unfolded, every interaction between Griffin/Wicket & Dane was a sheer joy to read. The utter delight that was Griffin and Dane together as they fell for each other was loving, sexy as hell and smoking hot, add in the absolute fabulousness of Bernice and really a lack of pure 'Queensland speak or Aussie slang' did not detract from this novel at all.

As someone who grew up non stop saying giddaymate, howyagoing and whaddyareckon I can attest to the fact that Australian dialogue has long since stopped being so unique.' Sure we still use our slang, but I think time and multiculturalism has changed our definitive informal language, not so we've lost it completely, but as a country we definitely have toned down our iconic phrases and idioms. It's not a bad thing overall and for those that want a fully quintessentially Aussie spoken/written novel you might need to actively search high and low for one these days and good luck with that.

For those like me, who want a terrifically written, well paced M/M romance story, with believable men, low angst, smoking hot sexy-times, with great supporting characters and the odd coffee spitting, face splitting humor...then read this.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 8 February 2018
This is a beautiful story, i loved how they meet via the phone first and gradually learn about each other. The story is based in my neighbourhood so it was a pleasure to read. The MCs are gorgeous together definitely have chemistry which is plus to read. Nr Walker's books are always great including some really hot smoking sexy scenes.
Definitely no avocado code words used  for these two. lol
Griffin 24 yrs leaves to a completely different scenery when moves to Coolum away from city life.
Dane was on a work trip when he gets a phone call from his mum saying his dog Wickett had gone missing from her place.
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on 6 February 2018
What a beautiful and spirit lifting story. I just could put this love story down. Not only was it about two gorgeous sexy guys, Griffin and Dane and a sweet little dog named Wicket, but also a fifty year old Love story between Bernice and K! I can’t get enough of NR Walkers books, they’re always five stars!
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on 8 February 2018
I thought the story was sweet and what I have come to expect from NR Walker, but as an Australian person what jarred with me was the use of American language in an Australian setting. For example we do not really use "awesome" or "bunch of" or "done ....", nor do we use "likely" as an adverb all the time: there are other words (e.g. probably). Speaking of adverbs, their loss is to be lamented in modern writing (e.g. "done good" - shiver- )!
I also found that, if I listened to the speakers in my head, the language sounded as if it was coming from an American mouth, especially from Bernice, and this irritated me greatly. We have our own cadence and allusions and they were somewhat absent here. By the way I found the same in much of the speech in the Red Dirt Heart series. I can understand that coming from Travis, but not the other characters in the stories.
Why can't Australian speech and aphorisms be used instead of importing someone else's? If the idea is to make American readers comfortable to boost sales then that is a real shame.
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on 5 February 2018
Loved everything about this book. Set in my backyard and it felt so comfortable to read. Griffin, Dane, Wicket, Bernice and K are wonderful characters and the humour just rolls out. Such a feelgood story, I highly recommend this book
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on 4 February 2018
I really liked this book. The sub characters were awesome and the dog was too cute. I loved the Australian references. This book had nerd, surfer dude, cafes, all things i love about our country, plus some pretty damp worthy mm action. Xx
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on 5 February 2018
Such a joy to read! I love Griffin and Dane and the little pooch who brought them together. N R Walker never disappoints and this is a gem. Highly recommend!!
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on 2 February 2018
Loved this so much. Griffin, from the start, came across as he stayed - totally smitten by a small, white, four-legged, heart stealer, Wicket. Dane was the absolute dog dad, talking to his dog on the phone proved that! Wicket - dogs choose you and he chose Griffin whilst trying to get back to Dane.

Side character, Bernice, was a hoot. She was everyone's dream landlady with her 'special brownies' that gave us a 'smiling, eyes half-closed, stoned Wicket'.

The epilogue - perfect. NR Walker has written another book that I will read again and again and recommend to anyone. Light hearted, funny and completely engaging from the word go.
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on 1 February 2018
Where do I start.....

I love the fact the story is based in a part of the world that I know very well.

This is a gorgeous love story. The two MCs grabbed my heart early on in the book. I also adored Wicket, Bernie & K, they added a depth to the book.

The epilogue was soooo sweet.
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on 7 February 2018
Another great story by N.R Walker. Two great main characters, amazing secondary characters and an adorable dog.

I really enjoyed reading this incredibly sweet love story.
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