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Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 29 January 2018
Time to set my house on fire so the next Malone, Grady the fireman can come and put out my fire!

This is the second Malone brother we have had the pleasure of reading, and I liked it more than cuffed. Maybe it is the fireman thing (I am a volunteer firefighter and never find any guys like this out there) but whatever it was, sign me up for more!

I loved that both our hot man Grady and our lovely lady Dylan aren't perfect. They have their issues and they are not swept under the rug. They fell real, the are dealt with realistically, and not gonna lie, they broke my heart.

And don't get me started on the jerk of an ex boyfriend. I hope I am not the only one who wanted to throw my kindle - at his head!!

But Dylan and Grady though? They are sweet, and tender, and all kinds of sexy. And pretty much perfect for each other.

I loved getting more of Grant and Emerson, seeing where they are at in their lives. There is great banter between the 3 Malone men, and ow I am impatient to see where Grayson's story will lead us.

Sweet, sexy, flirty - Combust is a great read. Buy it. You will like it!
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on 29 January 2018
Grady is igniting the flame!🔥
Ready to have your panties scorched?

This is K. Bromberg at her finest. To say she has blown me away would be an understatement.
Feelings, emotions and her words are what make her this truly talented and genuine Romance Writer. Some authors have it and some don’t but let me tell you K. Bromberg has it in spades.

Grady and Dylan’s story is one of past pain and scars, of second chances and finding out how to Face Everything and Rise.
Grady is the youngest of the Malone brothers with a panty dropping smile and a cocky attitude that makes him one very hot firefighter that will leave you wet and panting. But underneath he is fighting the nightmares and the guilt that hold him back from what he really wants in life. He won’t let anybody into his heart because his love for his job and what he does could take him away from them and leave them to struggle through life without him.
Dylan McCoy is in a world of hurt after a breakup that has crushed heart. Defiant and strong willed, Dylan has a quick wit and you will fall in love with her character. She is a brilliant song writer but her self confidence has take a massive hit so now she doubts herself personally. Her compassion for others and her heart will draw you in and have you cheering her on all the way.
The chemistry between these two in so strong that it will COMBUST, the flames will IGNITE, and the heat will INTENSIFY.

The feelings evoked in this book are overwhelming. Yes K. Bromberg made me cry, laugh, curse and fall in love with this book and it characters. When you read this book you can see in your mind and feel in your heart everything that has been written.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 February 2018
The second book in the Every Day Heroes series follows youngest Malone brother Grady and songwriter Dylan McCoy.
When Dylan finds her rockstar boyfriend in bed with another woman she decides to escape to Sunnyville where she can stay with her brothers old friend Grady Malone. Neither are looking for love and both have their own demons to fight both physical and mental, but when Dylan's ex shows up an impulsive move may change all of that.
This book was a real emotional roller coaster, both Grady & Dylan are really struggling emotionally and both are pretty stubborn but the wild ride is so worth it!
Once again an absolute masterpiece by Ms Bromberg.
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on 14 February 2018
I knew from Cuffed I would love Grady, I have a serious ‘thing’ for cocky fireman but wow!!! Just absolutely wow!!! To say I loved this book just doesn’t even cut it... I adored this book.

Grady and Dylan are such amazing characters, both broken and in desperate need of fixing... my favourite kind of read and I especially love it when the female character is just as ‘broken’ as the male character.

I really enjoyed Cuffed... but Combust... I LOVED it!!

Well done Kristy... as always you have absolutely smashed it!!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 29 January 2018
Another complete knockout of a book from K Bromberg!

This book was so beautifully written, Grady is suffering from survivors guilt and struggling to move on, and Dylan had her heart broken more than once. A beautiful journey towards learning to forgive yourself, love yourself, and move on from tragedy when it’s so much easier to just give up and let it consume you.

Face everything and rise!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 3 February 2018
Ok this one was great! I’ve read Cuffed, the first book in this series, and while I enjoyed that one, it didn’t capture me the way that Combust did.

This book. Grady Malone. Hot damn! There were many times I caught myself getting emotional and crying. The feels. Oh god the feels. Grady is everything! This man. Seriously. *swoon*

Clearly, I really loved Grady as a lead in this book. He’s been hurt, but he’s pushing through in his own way, even if he does need a bit of that help he refuses from others. When Dylan drops into his life, trying to get away from her bad break-up, she starts to get him out of his shell. Without even realising it in the process.

Dylan and Grady are perfect for each other, and while they each have their own hang-ups, the book flows really well and nothing seemed like it was dragging out. I loved the glimpses of Grant and Emerson, Desi, Grayson and the Malone parents. Great secondary characters really added to this as well.

There’s a body image message hidden in this one, and its refreshing to read about that. We’re all different, we have different body types, scars on the inside or scars on the outside, but what matters is who we are deep down.

This book has so much to it, and I loved it so much. I sped through it and I highly recommend. I’m quite looking forward to Graysons book too!
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on 29 January 2018
I love this authors work and I loved this book. When I first see it was 52 chapters long I thought it would be dragged out and too long but, omg, once I started it I couldn't put it down

Dylan is a beautiful song writer that needs space away after she catches her rock star boyfriend in bed with another woman. When a friend of her brothers offers her a room to stay out of town she takes him up on his offer.

Grady malone is a hot firefighter with secrets and a past of his own but when Dylan comes into his life he begins to feel again.

I loved both these characters, they both had their own stories to hide, and some to tell. When they come together acting on the attraction they felt for each other it got H.O.T! It's when Dylan's ex turns up to try to claim her back that the fun really begins. They slowly unravel their demons but will it be enough to keep them together or can it be only the fling it started out to be.

This is book 2 in this series and I will definitely be going back to read book 1 (I didn’t realise I hadn't read it lol), but will Dylan and Grady find true love? You will have to read this beautifully written book to find out.
Books after fifty
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on 30 January 2018
Combust by Kristy Bromberg is phenomenal. You definitely cannot go wrong with a hot fireman and his hose... It’s angsty, sultry full of hot slow burn scenes that will leave every woman wanting a cool shower afterwards.

I absolutely loved everything about this love story. It has elements of a trio, well two men that capture Dylan’s heart. However one has destroyed her trust in men and left an insecure shell of a woman that needs to be reminded of what really counts in the end when looking for love.

When Grady and Dylan collide their chemistry is smouldering off the pages however their time together is all a game until the heart wants what the heart cannot have. There are emotional scars that need to be overcome by both characters if they ever want to move forward with their lives.

I recommend this for all romantics and lovers of combustible firemen that are too hot to handle even in our wildest dreams .
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on 1 February 2018
Combust is the second book in the Everyday Heroes series. It can be read as standalone but I do recommend reading Cuffed as well because it was amazing. If you did read Cuffed then you have already met this hero, Grady Malone aka sexy firefighter, brother to Grayson and Grant. I loved him so I was excited that he was next up in the series.

Dylan needed to get away. Away from her cheating boyfriend. Away from the house they shared. Away from the bed she caught him in with another woman. Away from Hollywood. Away from it all. That is how she ended up four hours away in small town Sunnyville and sharing a house with one of her brother’s friends. A friend she meets in an awkward kind of way. A way that still made her body react in a way she wasn’t ready for. She was there to work not play. Even if she wanted to she didn’t believe she was his type anyway. He had an eight pack while she had mermaid thighs.

Grady didn’t see her coming. She was a breath of fresh air. She was also sassy, beautiful, poetic, and smart. She was gorgeous but she didn’t see it. She didn’t see what he saw. A woman who deserved the world. A world that he could never give her. The problem? He knew once he had a taste...he would want more. More nights. More days. He could only give her four months. That was her deadline. She had an album to write with her stupid ex. Then she was headed back to the Hollywood life. It really was the perfect situation. Not her ex but the fact that they could have this time. A time that turns out to be everything.

I love Grady and Dylan! He is not only dead sexy but he is also funny, flirty, protective, and beautiful. Dylan is kicka-, sassy, and beautiful as well. Together, their banter is so much fun. Their connection is magical. They just fit. They both have their insecurities to work through. They just want the other to see what they see. I loved them so hard for that.

Overall...it’s a sexy crazy beautiful book that gave me all the feels. The writing is addicting. The story is exciting. It was fun catching up with the family too. I laughed, cried, got all kinds of hot and bothered. I mean look at the cover. But really, it’s not all about the outside but the inside that really matters. And these two, damn.

P.S. I love Petunia 🐷


“If firefighting was easy, cops would do it,” I reply and dodge the roll of duct tape he throws at me.
“F-,” he mutters but sets down his beer and picks up a hammer.

“Mm, I don’t think you can put this fire out, Malone.”
“You bet your a- I’m going to try.”

“You always say things so much prettier than I do.” He smiles.
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