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4.8 out of 5 stars
Mend: A Second Chance Romance
Format: Kindle Edition|Change

TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 25 February 2018
LOVED IT from the very beginning, I’m not usually into books that go from past to present and back again but this one I enjoyed very much sit was a sweet endearing book that took your emotions on a ride. It was a second chance worth taking for Jack and Evie.
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on 23 January 2018
Chelle bliss delivers again. Jack and evie had me captivated from the very begining and their second chance had amazing feels.
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on 26 January 2018
This story blew me away, I loved every word that was written even the back and forth from past to present and normally those stories get me confused and what not, nope not this one I was able to keep up and really enjoy the story, I would have flown right through it but I got sick halfway into the story. once I was better however this story didn't know what hit it lol. I was amazed at the way Chelle had every word down and how she made this story just come to life like no other. This was a page turner of a story one that had the pages smoking if it was actual pages and not my nook. Steamy, sexy, and alpha males everywhere, this story had it all over when you would least expect something hott or some alpha to come out BAM it hit you and man was it so worth it times a million over and over again. Along with the sexy comes the sad and man was I sad for a part of the story in fact towards the middle of the story I was really feeling for the main characters. This story came to life and felt real right before your eyes. Nothing was ever the same, each page brought something fun and new to it. Well worth 5 star and more. I would love to read this over and over again. MUST READ, beware by the end you will crave more.

***I received this ARC in exchange for my honest thoughts, these are my thoughts and no one else told me what to say or write***
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 January 2018
Second chance romances is what I absolutely love about reading, because I believe that everyone should be giving another chance to correct a wrong you might have made in life or a wrong someone orchestrated for your life. Which is the case with Jack and Evie, from their first encounter Jack knew that Evie was it for him and vice versa. Unfortunately during senior year her father moves to another country and they promise to keep in touch but life happens. Fast forward and a fated encounter have Jack seeing Evie not knowing she has been sneaking back in town when he was away at his home. One look and he knows he has to make her his again, too bad Evie has secrets and she's not sure Jack will forgive her once he finds out. What I loved about this book is it shows that LOVE can be MENDED if you truly are meant to be , that sometimes what you thought you was ready for was not the time for it to happen and when it is you will know. Kudos Chelle this was a phenomenal read!!!
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 24 January 2018
Favorite Quotes:

I loved her from the moment she walked into homeroom on the first day of eighth grade. The fact that she had on a Nirvana T-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans just made me fall even harder.

He’s about as exciting as a piece of toast… The man doesn’t even eat dessert. Who doesn’t eat dessert? It’s unnatural…He’s definitely not a keeper… I can’t be with someone who doesn’t appreciate a great cupcake or even a cookie, for $* sake.

Shave your bits, girl. You may get lucky tonight… I like a great hairy leg, but yours is a bit prickly. I don’t think Jack will approve… You’ll need a machete to get through that jungle, doll…

My Review:

Mend was a quick and easy read with an engaging, sweet, and somewhat steamy love story occurring over two time periods. Packaged with endearing characters, an emotive and heart-squeezing yet entertaining narrative of young love, conniving villains, snarky levity, small-town pettiness, and a sweet first and second-chance romance; Chelle Bliss has completely satisfied my wishlist for today. Loves me some Chelle Bliss!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 22 January 2018
What can I say other than you will fall in love with Jack and Evie, you will have all the feels of first love and all the heartbreak that goes with it.
Don`t fear, Jack is most certainly a Chelle Bliss alpha male, so you will get your fix that's for sure.
I laughed and I cried reading this book, it most definitely an emotional read.
You will meet Evan, Evies best friend and you will fall in love with him too. Some very funny moments that will have you LOL.
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on 24 January 2018
I felt more emotional reading this than any other of her books that I've read. However this is one of her best reads. There is a deep sense of poignancy which gives me the feels. Absolutely loved it!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 23 January 2018
A sweet second chance romance! Jack and Evie were meant to be but circumstances out of their control tore them apart - 6 years later, they’re reunited and just as much in love with each other.
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🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.5 Stars

Mend by Chelle Bliss tells us a tale of second chances. A love that was thought to be lost, rekindled again. Evie and Jack’s beautifully emotional story will have you reaching for those tissues.

Evie and Jack promised each other forever, but certain circumstances tore them apart. Now 6 years later they come face to face again! I thought Evie was a really sweet girl. I loved her best friend Evan, as well as his obsession with baked goods. I’d love to see more from Evan. I liked Jack’s character. He was so sweet and caring and never once played his feelings off for anything other than what they were. The characters had beautiful chemistry between one another. The foreword of this book had me bawling! Chelle, nothing can prepare you for the loss of a loved one and I extend my heartfelt sorrow and condolences to you. Just as I was getting over the foreword, I read the prologue. Well let’s just say I needed a few more tissues for that one as well! The story is full of sadness, betrayal, jealousy, heartbreak, lust, and love. It is a great easy read with dual POV, which I love because we are able to see both sides of feelings from the characters. I really liked this heartwarming, emotional story, and I think you will too.
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