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TOP 10 REVIEWERon 22 June 2018
Contemporary fiction 'The Cows' by Dawn O'Porter focused on three 'thirty something' women on a journey of validation and self-discovery, with a firm philosophy of - don't follow the herd! (Why am I thinking of Sex in the City?). 
Dawn's ultimate aim was to present women in a celebratory way (warts and all) - ambitious, confident, strong and sassy.
The MCs: single mum/producer,Tara; blogger, Camie; and a photographer's PA, Stella. Dawn placed the women in mostly OTT and zany scenes that were occasionally, farfetched. Some situations were complex, uncomfortable or confronting, but there were a couple of wild and humourous ones, too. The women weren't really role model types for modern feminism - pretty self-absorbed and adolescent, actually. But I wonder if Dawn intended them to be framed that way!?
The author had a bold, open and easy-feel writing style. She portrayed our media-based society well and some of her musings rang true. She also touched on issues that women of this demographic might  reflect upon: sisterhood, sexuality, societal judgements, abortion, work v family, health, life/death etc. 
What I didn't like, so much:
1. Some of those zany scenes didn't quite work for me.
2. Sometimes the flow of the narrative was interrupted, so I disconnected here and there.
3. The plot seemed to become weaker as it progressed.
4. The OTT feel made it difficult to relate to the characters and, at times, they seemed a tad clichéd.
Overall, the topical, satirical 'The Cows' was entertaining, but hit and miss, too. It wasn't quite the trope I was expecting, but I can only encourage readers to try it for themselves, as this is just one person's opinion.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 4 October 2017
It was not as funny as I thought but I couldn't put it down. Buying a copy for my 20 something daughter. The internet is such a fantastic tool, but it can destroy you to. This book sends a message that you can control it rather than it control you. Loved the concepts and loved the book. Buy it! Read it! Fantastic!
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on 25 June 2018
Few people have enough time in their lives to waste it on tripe like this. How it came to be a best seller really makes me wonder how the list was compiled or it if the hard copy is an ideal door stopper size. I couldn’t be bothered finishing it and I had really tried!
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on 13 July 2018
Initially I felt somewhat of an intruder, being male and apparently thinking differently, but was gradually absorbed into the developments and the dramatic evolution of the personalities.
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on 16 November 2017
this book make me laugh, the story of the 3 women are so real and make you think how internet and you tube has change many lives for good or bad.
I give my thumbs up to Dawn !
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 1 August 2018
This book was very disappointing. I had such high hopes for it, but no, not for me.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 30 May 2017
I have rated this book a five star because it probably deserves it. It was very well written and her character portrayal was very well done. Having said that I found the content extremely confronting - perhaps that is the desired effect. I certainly did not laugh hilariously, nor did I love the characters. I guess confronting the fact that women now feel that their feminism also requires them to behave as though they have absolutely no sexual constraints doesn't sit well with me. I have quite a large circle of friends and I can honestly say that through frank discussion, none of us feel like walking up to a guy in a bar purely with the intent for sexual gratification. Sorry ladies, but if this is feminism - count me out! I found Dawn's characters to be singularly selfish and self-absorbed without care for consequences or who they hurt by their actions - parents, children. Okay ladies, be free, accept no limits to your capabilities, but sleeping around as the desire arises - no I can't see how that helps women be treated as equal, intelligent, worthwhile human beings who can be respected and indeed be potential leaders in our world.
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on 26 September 2017
Loved this book, so many funny moments and twists that left you WTF? Sad to finished but glad I can put this book down and get some sleep!
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on 7 June 2018
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on 12 May 2017
A story well written, poignant, humorous, and real. In this society of cyber communication I think the strong underlying, at times obvious messages are a gift for one and all. A really entertaining tale delivering a swift kick where we need it most. Well done to the author. Congrats
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