Return a Package at an Australia Post Drop Off Location

If the item you're returning is eligible and there's an Australia Post Drop Off location near you, you'll see the option to return your item using a prepaid Australia Post label.

When you select this option, you’ll see a link to a find an Australia Post Drop Off location in your area so you can drop off your return.

Note: Only the following Australia Post Location Types are supported for the drop-off of Amazon AU return packages:

  • Post Office
  • Parcel Locker
  • Red Street Posting Box

To return an item using an Australia Post Drop Off location:
  1. Generate your Australia Post Drop Off return label from the Returns Support Centre (see Return Items You Ordered). After you've created your return label, you’ll see a link to the Australia Post Drop Off Locator where you can enter your postcode to view the eligible Australia Post Drop Off locations in that area.
  2. Package your return, making sure the package does not exceed the following maximum dimensions:
    • Weight: 22 kilograms
    • Length: 105 centimetres
    • Width: 105 centimetres
    • Height: 105 centimetres
    • Volume (Length x Width x Height): 250000 cubic centimetres
  3. Print your return label and fix it to the outside of the package.
  4. Take the package and drop it off at an eligible Australia Post Drop off location of your choice.


  • You can drop off your return package at an eligible Australia Post Drop Off location within the return window of 30 days for your product. Please check the Australia Post website to determine the accurate opening and closing hours for the drop-off location of your choice to make sure you can return your package when you need to.
  • For return packages dropped off at eligible Australia Post Drop Off locations, you will receive a drop-off confirmation email once the package is processed.
  • If you drop off your package at an Australia Post ‘Post Office’ location, you will get a receipt as proof of return. You can use this as a reference in case. The proof-of-return receipt will not be available for drop-offs at Australia Post ‘Parcel Locker’ or ‘Red Street Posting Box’ locations.
  • If the barcode on the label can’t be scanned at the Australia Post Office, they have the option to manually enter the tracking ID displayed on the return label into their system. If the tracking ID on the return label is also not readable, you may be asked to reprint your return label and attach it to the package to complete your return.
  • isn't responsible for any personal items or items not related to the return left at the Australia Post Drop Off location.
  • You can’t opt to return an item to an Australia Post using a prepaid label; this type of return is only valid if the Returns Support Centre displays the option and generates an Australia Post Drop Off return label for you. If the Returns Support Centre does not display the option for you to return your item via an Australia Post Drop Off location, please select an alternative return method from the options displayed, or contact Customer Service.

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