Accessibility Features of Amazon Lockers

All Amazon Lockers offer accessibility features including talking lockers, larger and high contrast touchscreen text, and a lower locker slot preference to support access for customers living with blindness, low vision, deafness, hearing difficulties, or mobility restrictions.

Talking Locker Quick Start Instructions

All Amazon Lockers are talking lockers, so you can use your personal headphones (1/8 inch audio jack) to navigate through an end-to-end package pickup using audio.

  • Visit your selected Locker. The Locker name and address are available in your pickup code e-mail.
  • Bring a set of personal headphones, with a 1/8 inch audio jack, with you.
  • Once at the locker, locate the kiosk portion which has a large screen display inset from the column of lockers above / below, and beside it. This kiosk will be in the middle of the bank of lockers.
  • Locate the braille instructions, and the headphone jack, just below the screen.
  • Insert your headphones into the headphone jack, and interact with the voice prompts using the tactile numeric keypad.
  • Once you are ready to retrieve your package, enter your pickup code.
  • When you enter your pickup code, the door of the locker containing your package will open automatically. Once you have taken your package, manually close the door to complete your pickup.

The Locker's Physical Layout

All Amazon Lockers consist of the main column where your headphone will be plugged in, and several other columns with Locker doors of varying sizes. Each column is 18 inches wide and 6 feet tall. There are columns with Locker doors to the left and to the right of the main column. There are also Locker doors located above and below the headphone jack.

There is a keypad with numbers 0 to 9, arranged like a telephone, located approximately 4 inches to the right of the audio port. The number 5 is marked with a raised dot. In order from top to bottom, there is the Enter key (which is marked with a raised circle), below that the Clear key (which is marked with a raised arrow), below that the Cancel key (which is marked with a raised X), and at the very bottom the Volume button (which is marked with a raised speaker symbol). Pressing the volume button will adjust the volume by cycling through 3 different volume levels.

For people with a visual impairment or blindless

Talking Lockers

Talking lockers provide audio instructions and prompts which guide you to successfully pick up your package. All Amazon Lockers feature the same high quality voices found in our Voice View screen reader on Fire Tablets, Fire TV, and Kindle e-Readers.

On-site Instructions

Audio instructions at the Locker help you learn more about the Locker's physical layout, and how to pick up packages from the Locker.

Fast-track Pickup

If you are familiar with Amazon Locker, you may choose to skip most voice prompts and pick up your package with just a few quick actions.

For people with low vision

Larger Font Sizes

All Amazon Locker touch screens are equipped with large font sizes, by default. There is no need to select a special text size setting at the locker.

High Contrast

All Amazon Locker touch screens are equipped with high contrast, by default. There is no need to select a special colour contrast setting at the locker.

For people with hearing difficulties

All Amazon Lockers offer a visual touchscreen on which you can enter your pickup code to retrieve yourpackagefrom the locker.

For people with mobility restrictions

Lower Locker Preference

During checkout, while selecting Locker as your delivery address, you will see an option to Use lower lockers. Select this option if you would like us to place your order in a Locker that's 15 to 48 inches from the ground. Once this preference is selected, your orders will always be delivered to lower lockers (regardless of your selected locker location). You may opt out of this preference at any time by selecting the Change link beside your lower locker confirmation during checkout.

Other Information

Learn more about Amazon Locker here.

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