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Reading Basics

While reading, you can view your reading progress, customize the text display, or skim other pages and chapters without losing your place. Help for any Kindle e-reader model (6th Generation) and newer.

View Your Reading Progress

While reading, you can view pages read or the percentage of a book read on your Kindle.

The Time To Read feature uses your reading speed to calculate how much time is left before you finish your chapter or before you finish your book. Your specific reading speed is stored only on your Kindle; it is not stored on Amazon servers.

To use Time to Read:

  1. While reading, tap the top of the screen to show the reading toolbar.
  2. Tap the Display Settings (Aa) icon and then tap the Reading Progress tab.
  3. Select your preferred tracking option to be displayed at the bottom of your screen:
    • Location in book
    • Page in book (if available)
    • Time left in chapter
    • Time left in book
    • None

Note: Real page numbers are not available for all Kindle books.

Go to Other Locations in a Book

While reading, tap the Go To icon in the reading toolbar to jump to the Beginning or End of the book or, if available, to a specific Chapter, Page or Location.

If your book has footnotes, tap the footnote to read the complete text inline without changing the page or losing your place in the book. To see all footnotes, tap Go to Footnotes.

With Page Flip, you can skim other pages or chapters and quickly jump back and forth within a Kindle book without losing your current place.

To use Page Flip for supported titles:

  1. Tap the top of the screen to show the reading toolbar and then tap the bottom of the screen to launch a preview window and progress bar.
  2. To see other locations in the book within the preview window:

    • Swipe within the window or tap the left or right arrows in the window.
    • For Kindle Voyage (7th Generation): You can also press PagePress Forward or PagePress Back until you feel a vibration.
    • For Kindle Oasis (8th Generation): You can also press the Page Turn buttons on the right side of the screen to turn the page while reading.
    • Press and drag the circle left or right in the progress bar at the bottom of the screen.
  3. In the preview window, tap a page to go to that location in the book or tap x in the top-right corner to return to your current place in the book.

While reading select manga books, press and hold the screen to bring up an on-screen slider bar. Slide the bar to the right to flip pages to the right. Slide the bar to the left to flip pages to the left.

Change Fonts Line Spacing or Margins

You can change the fonts, font size, line spacing, or margins of the page display for a Kindle book.

Note: The text size of menus and other screens can't be modified. You can't change the text appearance of PDFs.

  1. While reading, tap the top of your screen to show the reading toolbar, and then tap Aa.
  2. Select the size of the text and the type of font from the Font tab.
    • The font size options range from approximately 8-point size to 36-point size.
    • For some fonts, you can also select the desired boldness level. Note: This feature is not currently supported for non-Latin fonts such as Japanese and Chinese.
    • If available, you can select the Publisher Font type and read the book in the font as published.
    • Many Kindle books, including Kindle Samples, offer the option to display text on your Kindle in a font that some dyslexic readers may prefer. If available, you can select the OpenDyslexic font option.
  3. Set the line spacing and margins from the Page tab:
    • Spacing - Select the amount of space to appear above and below each line.
    • Margins - Select the amount of space to appear on the left and right sides of each page.
    • Orientation - View your content vertically or horizontally.
    • Alignment - Select your preferred text alignment.
  4. Tap the x in the top-right corner to return to reading.

Note: You can install OpenType (OTF) or TrueType (TTF) fonts on your Kindle. Connect your Kindle to your computer with a USB cable, then copy the font files into the “fonts” folder on your Kindle.

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