Change Fonts, Background Colour, or Margins

You can change the font size, line spacing, margins, background colour, or font type of the page display for a Kindle book on your Kindle Fire. Help for Kindle Fire 2nd Generation, Kindle Fire HD 7" and Kindle Fire HD 8.9".

Note: The text size of menus and other screens is fixed and can't be modified. You can't change the text appearance of PDFs.

  1. While reading, tap the center of the screen to show the reading toolbar, and then tap Aa (Settings).
  2. Change the text display for your Kindle book:
    • Font size - Select the size of the text.
    • Font - Select the font of the text.

    Some books offer a font specified by the publisher. If this is available for your title, you'll see the Publisher Font option.

  3. Set the line spacing, margins, or background colour:
    • Line Spacing - Select the amount of space to appear above and below each line.
    • Margins - Select the amount of space to appear on the left and right sides of each page. Choose Narrow, Normal, or Wide margins.
    • Colour Mode - Select the colour scheme for the text and background colour. Choose White, Sepia, or Black backgrounds.

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