Ask Alexa Financial Questions

Alexa can answer questions about financial instrument pricing using information from a variety of sources.

Some examples of things you can ask about are:

  • Stock Prices – Learn about individual public company stock prices.
  • Index Values – Ask about an index value.
  • Commodities – Find out about the price of gold, oil, wheat, and other commodities.
  • Foreign Exchange Rates – Determine the value of one currency in terms of a separate currency.
  • Company Information – Inquire about company updates and information including location, founding date, or number of employees leveraging information from sources like, Crunchbase.

Note: All data provided on Alexa is for informational purposes only, and is not intended for trading or investing purposes. We do not guarantee that Alexa or its functionality or content is accurate, reliable, always available, or complete. For more information, go to Conditions of Use

Data delays and providers

Financial pricing quotes provided over Alexa are delayed. See delay times for individual exchanges below.

Region Data Source Delay
United States Dow Jones Indices 15 min
United States S&P Indices 15 min
United States NASDAQ 15 min
United States New York Stock Exchange 15 min
United States BATS Global Markets 15 min
Europe Borsa Italiana 15 min
Europe London Stock Exchange 15 min
Europe Euronext Amsterdam 15 min
Europe Euronext Brussels 15 min
Europe Euronext Paris 15 min
Europe Madrid Stock Exchange 15 min
Europe FTSE Indices 15 min
Europe Deutsche Borse - Frankfurt Stock Exchange 15 min
Europe Deutsche Borse - Xetra 15 min
Europe Euronext Lisbon 15 min
India National Stock Exchange 15 min
India Bombay Stock Exchange 15 min
Japan Tokyo Stock Exchange 20 min
Japan Nikkei Indices 20 min
Canada Toronto Stock Exchange 15 min
New Zealand New Zealand Stock Exchange 15 min
Brazil Brazilian Stock Exchange 15 min
Australia Australian Securities Exchange 15 min
Mexico Mexican Stock Exchange 15 min

Note: The market data from S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC is the property of S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC and/or its licensors. All rights reserved.

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