About Amazon Delivers E-mail Subscription

Receive regular updates on our best sales and deals, recommendations on new products (both bestselling and under-the-radar), gift ideas, and special features.

To manage your Amazon.com Delivers e-mail subscriptions, go to Amazon Delivers E-mail Subscriptions.

You can subscribe to any number of e-mail subscriptions depending on your interests, and these e-mails will be sent to the e-mail address associated with your Amazon.com account. Some subscriptions will be delivered on a regular schedule and show up in your mailbox on a weekly or monthly basis. Others will be sent only when an event of interest to you occurs.

Tip: To find more e-mail subscriptions, go to Browse E-mail Subscriptions.

Note: Some subscriptions are sent out on a regular monthly cycle and some are delivered less frequently. You can get more details on when to expect the next mailing by reading the subscription list description. For more information on your subscriptions, go to Your E-mail Subscriptions.

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