Guaranteed deliveries

We offer certain fast delivery speeds for selected products and locations.

What is guaranteed delivery?

We offer certain faster delivery options such as "Residential Express Delivery" "Priority Delivery" or "Expedited Delivery" for select products and locations. The Residential Express Delivery and Priority delivery options and sometimes the Expedited Delivery option will provide a "guaranteed delivery date". If we provide a guaranteed delivery date and a delivery attempt is not made for the relevant shipment by that guaranteed delivery date, we will refund any delivery fees associated with that shipment. To enquire about a refund, please contact us and click "An order that I placed". Select your order, then select Problem with an order > Shipping or delivery issues > Shipment is late.

This guaranteed delivery commitment is in addition to any rights or remedies you may have under the Australian Consumer Law.

When Residential Express, Priority or Expedited delivery options are available on an order, it will be clearly marked on the checkout page with an associated delivery date or range, "order within" count-down timer and fee.

Please note that the "order within" countdown timer provides the window of time in which you must place the order, in order to enable delivery by the date shown. The countdown is accurate at the time you proceed to the checkout page, but delivery dates may change if, for example, inventory or delivery capacity changes before you place your order. Your guaranteed delivery date (if applicable selection is made) will be included in your order confirmation email.

Please see Delivery Rates and Speeds or more details about the available guaranteed delivery options.

Note: When you select Residential Express, Priority or Expedited Delivery, we may use air or ground shipping as necessary to get your items to you.

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