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Reviewed in Australia on 6 April 2019
After reading this book, one would hope that that the genetic manipulation of the human genome would be closely supervised.

Mr Kunsken has several genetically manipulated branches of humanity interacting in his novel. There are normal people; "Puppets" - diminutive people who hold in reverence those who omit a certain odour; "Mongrels" who can only survive at great ocean depths where pressures are several hundred atmospheres; homo quantum who are able to observe the quantum state (of 11 dimension). Each branch has difficulties, social customs, desires and interact when necessary.

This story is really about a "con" being perpetrated to obtain a newly discovered, backward in time (11 years), coupled wormhole device.

I've not read a sci-fi novel quite like this one with its genetic manipulations, different social interactions necessary to live as one of the races, the "con" itself. Some of the language may turn a few potential readers off but I think the book is entertaining, clever and informative, a true sci-fi, and so I highly recommend it.
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