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17 August 2019
Still in the early days, but I've had all 4 cameras running now and I've got to say, I expected less.

One of the cameras had no protective plastic and a different one has a small crack in the IR light cover, but it doesn't seem major and I'm not bothered to return it. All 4 cameras plugged straight in and fired up with no setup. I had trouble with the first HDD I tried, but the second worked perfectly. The software could be worse. It had the date and time already and once you work out the icons it's easy enough. The mouse supplied is not great, but I didn't even expect one.

The mobile phone app was easy enough to setup and the PC CMS software was not hard either. The PC software doesnt let you resize the window which is a little bit annoying, but ok. Sometimes there is a delay in the camera picture showing up, especially around network configs or power on, but it seems to sort out fairly quickly and run smooth after.

The cameras feel sturdy, were easy to mount and angle correctly and plugging and playing was easy. The picture quality seems reasonable. Running all on wifi right now and the enconding/bitrate is a little slow. Can get jumpy when something is happening. Seems a little touch and go. I don't think you could zoom in on a face and see good details, but for a general idea, satisfactory. This is running at 1080p. The red LEDs for IR are quite noticeable. I'm not sure if there is any way around that, but the camera is obvious at night. Night picture is quite reasonable.

Software does quite a few things I wasn't expecting. On the unit itself, it is reasonable to playback. It seems cloud storage is not supported, so jumping straight to a motion alert doesn't work. But you get the time and the camera and you can find it yourself. There were a few oddities where video would jump, or even run backwards.. but so far, most of the time it seems fairly solid. The mobile app is reasonable, you can screenshot and video grab directly and that works well. There is an option for sound and two-way communication, but I don't think the cameras support it. Just white noise. The app has low rating in google play, but I actually find it ok. Has quite a lot of options, is largely responsive and fairly full featured.

The motion alert seems quite handy, helps to keep a log of interesting events. There are other features, like masking and picking zones for motion detection. Was not expecting these features. Untested, but I imagine they work well enough.

All in all, definitely quite happy for the purchase price. Still want to test whether wiring the cameras directly affects picture quality at all. Would also like to test stability over longer periods and wish it had audio.. The app could use a little refinement and the PC software could use some work too, but overall, it's quite usable. Ditch the mouse and work from the unit itself and it is pretty good.
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