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25 July 2018
Aidan loves play with Cora, but after the death of his wife that’s all he wants, he sees Cora as the perfect submissive, the way she responds is more than any Dom could want.
Cora loves playing with Aidan, she knows he doesn’t want more, he still can’t get over his wife that died, but that has to be enough for her, she doesn’t want to not have him in her life.
Everything they had was perfect, until Aidan sees a look in Cora’s eyes and doesn’t like it, not liking that there is darkness in them and the trust they once had is gone, he’s left with no choice but to talk to her ex Dom.
Porter can see what’s wrong with Cora, but he lets Aidan know it’s not he’s to tell, the same with Cora’s other friends. Aidan thinks that spending more time with Cora outside of the Club may help give her more or what she needs, and they have a wonderful time.
Aidan thinks everything is resolved until they go to play again, Cora safewords, although she denies it, Aidan says she may not say it, but her body is screaming it.
Cora knows that after spending time with Aidan, where his touches felt real, although she loves him she can’t go back or compete with a ghost, it’s breaking her.
The other masters can see what’s wrong with Cora but is Aidan going to see what it is before she’s gone from his life.
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