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20 January 2017
It's uplifting to read and humbles us to the core. One can never truly know how or who this person is until you've read what's in his mind. It was funny and exhilirating, my anxiety level has never truly known anxiety until I've know what they've gone through. It was brilliantly written, funny and beautiful. His perspective and how he defined people was so delightful to read that most of the time I burst out laughing. It broke my heart that they are all just people plagued with imperfections and not mythical beings. I laughed and cried and learned a lot from this book. It will stay on with me forever. Now, looking at my non-nike shoes, it looks empty, barren. I see nothingness. And my eyes would flick anywhere but that and start looking for that swoosh. I have to get one of that.
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