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12 February 2019
If you or a loved one is unlucky enough to receive a cancer diagnosis and you're desperate to cut through the bullshirt, your search is over. This is it.

Keto, Paleo, Gerson, veganism, raw foods, juicing, CBD, THC, B17, IV C, black seed oil, curcumin, energy healing, chemo this and chemo that, UGH. Everyone thinks they have the silver bullet, including Oncologists who seem hellbent on keeping up the facade of knowing everything. (Spoiler: They don't.)

Then Jane McLelland arrives and changes the landscape. She's walked the cancer path herself and is here to bring some sense back to cancer treatment.

Though it's often stated cancer loves glucose, it loves quite a few other things as well. Some cancers love fat (take note, Keto-goers!) and others prefer glutamine (hello, carnivores!). Most can adapt their fuel source and some feed from all three macros with ease. All cancers have multiple pathways that a few diet tweaks do little to address. Jane takes us much, much deeper into Cancerland and shares her map with us.

Jane’s entire body of work is evidence-based with references galore. So if you're worried about this being quackery, worry not. She also advises to use the protocol alongside some mainstream treatment or at least with the guidance of an openminded clinician. She does recommend the Care Oncology Clinic in London (with a sister clinic in the US) but imho, even they’re not taking it to Jane’s level.

If you lack a science background, this isn't an easy read. A nursing degree helped but didn't take me all the way. I needed to go over the material many times before it started coming together. Don't let this put you off, though. Read a few pages, do a little googling, get a cup of tea and then dive back in. All the foundational need-to-know material is summarised in section two starting on page 301 of the paper version. So if you’re in a hurry, start there and work backward. I bought both paper and ebook versions but find the ebook invaluable for searching and cross-referencing.

In short, How To Starve Cancer is essential reading for everyone living with cancer and those who love them. It also holds crucial information for cancer clinicians who desperately need to get a clue and the courage to use it.

I’m so grateful for Jane McLelland and her work.
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