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7 June 2018
I should start by pointing out that my 8 year old son loves it. It's the cool and trendy thing, and he loves seeing how high the count step is by the end of the day.
But... I hate it. The screen is so tiny it's illegible to anyone but an 8 year old, but the menu and syncing functionality is truly awful. When you load the app on your mobile, it uses Bluetooth to sync. You have to start the app, then sometimes the watch will start syncing automatically, or sometimes you have to long-press the single button.

When (if) you eventually get the sync to start it takes up to 30 seconds, then sometimes shows you the step count on the phone. But... sometimes it then goes into 'secret squirrel' mode, where it tells you the total steps but refuses to upload the daily activity or sleep charts.
Garmin support suggest everything from reinstalling the app to toggling Bluetooth, but I've even removed the battery from the watch, and while that started it syncing again (it had stopped completely) it still won't sync the activity charts.

The 'Avengers' game is a pretty hopeless 'whack-a-mole' type of game with no variety that loses it's novelty after the first few goes.

The Chores are an awesome idea. But... while you can set them up on a phone, he can't see what they are on the watch!!! It says he's done 1 of 3 chores, but he has no idea what the others are until an alarm goes off, and if he misses the tiny name he doesn't know what it was. Useless.

For this price the thing should be *significantly* better. Honestly, had I know it would be this crappy I would have bought him a FitBit and given him point manually based on the number of steps recorded.
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