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Customer Review

22 July 2017
One of the defining characteristics of the Landry family, as seen throughout the entire series, is that, for a wealthy and influential southern family, they are all surprisingly, humble and unassuming. The lack of condescension for those from lower socioeconomic strata has them standing apart from their peers at every turn.

When it comes to the youngest, Camilla, the baby, it seems all of those pretensions go right out the window as her older brothers come to suspect that she's dating someone 'beneath' her. Someone unworthy of her. Someone who could only possibly want to be with her in order to take advantage of her.

Forced by her overprotective siblings to date in secret in order to avoid the protectiveness that she's convinced she's outgrown, Camilla, or Swink as she's known, withdraws more and more from all but her twin sister Sienna.

Besides, it's only temporary, right? It's not like this casual fling could possibly last more than a few months, could it? Oh right, it's been ten months already, and no one is in a hurry to end it.

In Swink, Adriana Locke has taken everything she's taught us about the Landry family over four spellbinding books and flipped it on end.

The very alpha protectiveness that made the Landry men's pursuit of their respective partners so swoonworthy, is exactly what is obstructing their little sister from finding the same kind of happiness.

The bonds of family loyalty, trust, and respect get tested to breaking point as Dominic Hughes, blue collar worker and part time MMA fighter, an underdog in ways every Landry including Camilla struggle to understand stakes his claim, not just on her body, but on her heart.

I kind of loved how each of the Landry boys, some moreso than others, are shown in here to be somewhat less than the stellar examples of manhood that the earlier books in the series might have made them seem. How, with their hearts in the right place, they leap in where angels fear to tread, and make a right mess of things.

The connection between Camilla and Dominic fairly crackles off the page with it's intensity even as neither can seem to fully come to terms with what they're feeling or what it means for them going forward, and the family dynamic, with each of their respective families, ensures that the process of working it out is riddled with complications. Some of which make for humorous reading, and others so very not.

Probably my favorite of the lot, I couldn't put it down.
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4.5 out of 5 stars