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Customer Review

1 June 2015
I am absolutely in love with this book!

I was sure Logan and Brooke's story couldn't be topped, then Mason and Jaz came along ( These characters can be found in Jodi's previous books).. But once Angel and Chase entered my little bubble - Oh wow!!!!!

Angel is a quiet, sheltered girl. Living life her Fathers way, until one day - it just becomes to much and she decides to venture out on her own.
This is how Mason enters her life....

Mason, a young ladies man - rebel like. Always has another girl hanging off his arm, isn't interested in emotional connections at all.

From the moment their car/bike meet side by side, the first time their eyes find each other... It begins!

This book makes you feel a range of different things..
From laughing and crying, to happiness and heartbreak.. Even fear!

I felt a huge connection to this book. It not only reaches people on a personal level but it is so good, it feels real!
An amazing story, a must read for everyone!!

This author has definitely caught me. I will continue to buy ANY book she releases, that's how good they are!
Thank you for another amazing story!
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5.0 out of 5 stars