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Reviewed in Australia on 24 November 2020
I got the all white one. On a 2.7 metre ceiling so the blade is at 2.4 metres (with the short mount) in a small room (4*5metres). Took a few hours to install as I had to brace the ceiling mounting point across two joists. You’ll need about 100 mm of electrical cable coming out of the ceiling. Very simple to wire up, but strictly speaking you should have an electrician do it (and charge heaps for connecting 2-3 wires in a screamingly obvious place).

First day - Very impressed with how quiet it is. Only once you get to 3 (of 6) do you really notice it, almost silent on 1 or 2. I would never use it over that, certainly not on 6. The better you brace the mounting point to the ceiling structure, the more stable and quiet it’ll be.

Things I don’t like:
1. If the wall light switch is turned off (or there’s a power cut), when power is put back on, the light default setting is on. This is good if you can’t find the remote, but it does mean if you go away (and forget to turn off the wall switch) and there’s a power cut, the light will stay on (when power is back on). I’d prefer it remain off. Maybe if it could have a little switch up in the fan electrics to pick one or the other (not sure how easy, or cheap that’d be). (My smart lights (LIFX) are the same though so I’m used to it).

2. The light is very bright. I suppose better to be too bright than not bright enough. A simple solution would be to put a disk of something inside the light lens which blocks some of the LED’s.

3. Instructions are pretty bad. Both assembly and use (no explanation of how to change LED colour - which is quickly turn off then on). This sort of thing really marks it as cheap. Reiga, pay more for good translations. One or two illustrations are slightly incorrect too (the remote receiver wiring illustration is wrong).

4. Even on 1 it’s too fast (too much airflow). I want a waft on the lowest speed. A simple workaround is to run it in reverse.

5. The badge is ugly (on the all white one). Looks like it’s just stuck on, so easily fixed.

6. The light module looks a bit of an afterthought, sticks out a bit much, but it could be worse. Overall design is modern, so I thought the white best in my older house - not so noticeable.

7. I wish it didn’t beep on remote commands (minor issue).

8. Please use recycled moulded cardboard packing instead of the big polystyrene ones.
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