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14 October 2016
I have bought and read the first three books in the series.

While the storyline intrigued me, and the characters are likeable, the dom/sub relationship is never clearly's just a given...right off the bat. As for the storyline, there are several "jumps" and coincidences and assumptions that are just too implausible to be taken credibly. What first-year lawyer walks into a deputy district attorney position? Who walks straight out of a long-term relationship and falls immediately in love with the next fellow she meets?? And I was so over the demanding, passionate dominating kissing and immediate earth-shattering sex that always ended in multiple orgasms purely via nipple tweaking etc...

Yes, I've read all three, because I wanted to see where it ended up...and I liked the characters (cliches notwithstanding) and yes, I am interested to see where these characters go next, but I was disappointed in the hype that surrounded this series on FB which is where I found the recommendation...and I don't think, at nearly $9 per book, it's value for money. them? Yes, but wait until they're on special.

There was great potential here for some really interesting multiple and interwoven storylines - central themes including psychology, PTS, dom/sub, crime and conflicting family heritage are all in there...but it was, in all honesty, not explored enough for me, and not as detailed as it could have been. It's disappointing because the premise is interesting. The whole thing feels superficial and would have benefitted from much more in-depth insights into all of the characters, plot and ultimately, the narrative resolution.
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