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Customer Review

29 November 2017
I always know when I pick up a book by Radclyffe that she won’t let me down and ‘Love After Hours’ is no different. There is something about Radclyffe’s books that draw me in and keeps me reading. She’s like the god of Lesbian Fictional Romance and it is obvious she’s here to stay.

Carrie is back and it looks like love is on the cards. Her love interest is contractor Gina Antonelli. She’s dark and mysterious, with a temper when she doesn’t get her way at work and her and Carrie clash from their first conversation. As time moves forward they realise that there is a very potent chemistry between them but will Gina’s past hold them back from really falling?

I’ve been really invested in the Rivers Family Romance series from book one and every book that passes I wished that Carrie Longmire would get her book and thank god it’s finally here because this girl deserves love. I really enjoyed getting a more in depth knowledge of Carrie from her point of view. Her relationship with Gina is off the chart hot from the minute they connect. I really can’t wait to follow more about this couple.

This book also goes into more depth about Blake’s transition and his friendship/relationship with Margie. There is something really wonderful about the way Radclyffe has told Blake’s story from book 2 and let it continue into all of the following books. I was worried it would stop at some point but she’s kept it up throughout and his and Margie’s story is probably my favourite to evolve through the series!

Blake and Margie are so together about everything for teenagers. I wish I could have been more like them at that age. They chat through everything and are very frank with one another, it’s honestly so refreshing. And probably another reason these two are my favourite protagonists in the series so far. I really hope that one of the books to come in the series will focus solely on them because I really love their story as they evolve together without much angst or heart ache, they just work!

Can’t wait for what comes next. 5 stars
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4.5 out of 5 stars