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23 June 2019
Don’t expect a real shifter story, these characters are practically human with their behaviour. Shifters that rarely shift.
I cannot say why I grabbed this through KU after reading book one. Maybe I needed to see how Caden could possibly redeem himself.
Though I felt extremely sorry for what he had gone through 30 years prior, it did not excuse his behaviour towards Daniele. Not one iota.
Of course Daniele talks tough about hating him and moving on but basically caves straight away after the first sorry and let’s him back into her bed.
All the other stuff going on really makes this a busy read but why the hell do these people not act like shifters.
There is hardly any actual shifting going on, and their enemies, who have tortured children, killed innocents and threatened their mates are just arrested.
Not one of these people have shifted when trouble has happened.
I won’t be reading the next book as I don’t like the fact three of these brothers have illegitimate children they have not claimed. Two of these children are living as orphans within the pack.
Caden was one of them whose daughter was at least adopted into a good family outside the pack.

Interesting short tale that introduces some new characters.
Not sure how they will fit into the series.
Read at the end of book two, Caden.
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3.0 out of 5 stars