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Customer Review

9 October 2014
I love Percy Jackson. To me, his series is better than Harry Potter.
Within the HoO series, each book really built well upon the last - House of Hades was the best and really showed development of the characters while building for the finale. Since I finished House of Hades, I was hanging out for Blood of Olympus (BoO), which means I was 364 days eagerly awaiting.
BoO...I want to love it, I really do. But I just can't. I finished the book and I ended up being frustrated and disappointed.
Seriously, Percy and Annabeth are the leaders. It's even said in book 3 that Annabeth is the unofficial leader of the seven. Nico says Percy is the most powerful demigod. Now Percy and Annabeth are relegated to side characters with NO development - what kind of poor decision is this?! They go through Tartarus, show huge strength and powers and then what? They become weepy, not able to defeat anyone and have do development whatsoever. There is no doubt that the book suffered by eliminating Percy and Annabeth POV chapters. That said, poor old Frank got a bit relegated too - after showing awesome skills such as killing hundreds of monsters solo and leading a dead army, he's just...kinda around in book. With the whole series being based on the seven central characters, eliminating multiple of these characters from the POV storytelling without a doubt really does diminish the book.
Having POV with Renya and Nico was to be expected as we needed to know what Athena Parthos was up to. Now, while I liked their character development and relationship, I felt way too much time was spent on their development and quest. It seemed to sidetrack rather than enhance the plot.
And for the finale - what the? It was so under developed and so many unanswered questions! **Spoilers be below**

Percy's decision that could ruin the world because of his personal loyalty, which has been referenced heaps of times before and then what? In the final battle he does nothing! Gaia who is so powerful, gets bought to life only to be disintegrated in 2 minutes? The Greek and Roman armies who have been mortal enemies for thousands of years suddenly are like 'sup bro, lets fight some monsters!' Yes, the Athena statue heals the rifts but really, it was a bit too chummy too quick. All the Romans (who love rules and voting) were cool with Octavian (who no one seems to like) breaking rules to become a ruler without any deliberation?
This is by far the weakest book in the series if not of all the Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicles books. Perhaps RR's mind is already on his new Norse series?
Overall, it's a sad disappointment that a series which has build so well resulted in such a disappointing final book.
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