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Reviewed in Australia on 3 January 2016
Christian apologists have not done a great job of defending the Christian legacy that has been left to current generations. The result is a society that is rejecting the foundation of all that they value and then wondering why things are starting to fall apart. Vishal Mangalwadi approaches this issue from a non-Western perspective and his assessment is damning on both Western society and many of the established churches who have surrendered almost without a fight.

This is a well-structured work that build the case on solid historical fact. He gives credit where it is due and levels criticism where it is justified.

My main criticism is the lack of an abstract for each chapter or section. In a number of instances, I got his point fairly quickly and didn't need to read his detailed justification for it but was almost forced to read every word for fear of missing another major point. I know that the author is an academic and I know that academic works need to fully reference their sources material and that all arguments need to be fully developed and justified. From an academic perspective, this is a scholarly work that achieves its goals. The casual reader, however, will find this a daunting read at 422 pages which may be counterproductive as there is much to be gained from embracing the central themes of his thesis.

I have enjoyed this immensely and will reference it broadly in my own attempts as a Christian apologist.
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