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Customer Review

21 April 2019
‘Pretty Thing’ by the wonderful JA Huss is a friends-to-lovers slash poignant tale of 3 friends and the way life moves forward when the trio becomes a duo.

The cover doesn’t do it justice as it’s so much more than a romance... the characters are in their mid-30’s for one thing, and while this wasn't a particularly long read, it packs a punch as the reader feels so many emotions... Unsurprising really as only J.A. Huss can make the reader cry, laugh and fan yourself, all in a single read.

With ‘Pretty Thing’, she did all that and so much more in this tale of three best friends, two of whom are twins at that, and the aftermath when one dies tragically in an accident, leaving the other two to figure out how life will be going forward without the one person who's been such a constant for them all and simultaneously work through the feelings they have for each other.

This is an emotionally heartbreaking and heartwarming story. Kali and Aiden are meant to be but getting there will require them to heal from the grief that is engulfing them both and the added pressure of the promise they made to Kyle to never date.

This story encompasses every emotion from tears to laughter and the chemistry between them is enough to make you swoon. This is a friends to lovers story that was years in the making. Beautiful.
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4.5 out of 5 stars