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Customer Review

8 March 2016
5 stars. Reviewed on behalf of A Book Lover's Emporium book blog

This is the first book of Prescott Lanes’ that I’ve read and I don’t understand why I have only just found her. This book has everything you need – hot alpha male to make you swoon (yes he has the abs and V to go with his delicious mouth), feisty leading lady you can relate to (with an incredible taste in shoes), hot (fire emoji) sex scenes and tragedies of the worst kind (tissues required).

Kenzie Scott is a very independent woman who is just starting out in the world of lingerie design and has created her own line while in Europe absorbing the world of fashion, photoshoots and models. She is a self-professed “yes girl” who says it to everything – except the L word - LOVE. She moves back to her home town of Dallas to be closer to her stepsister who is battling breast cancer and to help look after her baby niece Zoe.

Kane Hunter is a lawyer of the hottest kind. He is exceptional at his job which is mainly jury picking. He can read people brilliantly all except the people closest to him. His divorce has been finalised for nearly a year and he feels it is time to move on once and for all.

Cue the almost meeting of Kenzie and Kane at the TV studio where Kenzie is making her debut being interviewed for morning television. The consequences of her outburst on live TV are far reaching for both her career and her love life.

But as the title of the book suggests can both Kenzie and Kane bare their souls and become stripped raw to each other in order for their love story to continue to a happy ending?

I need a man like Kane Hunter. He is a new book husband, not boyfriend, who will take some beating in my eyes. He is strong in his determination that he and Kenzie belong together and isn’t afraid to show her his emotions and how he truly feels (SWOON!!!) I wanted to kick Kenzie up her backside sometimes as she scrutinizes every heartfelt thing that Kane does but then knowing her history you completely understand her issues (at least I do).

Any story that has me laughing out loud on the bus to work (yes that really did happen a few times) to crying with tears of sadness and joy gets 5 stars in my world. I urge you all to read this as just when you think the story is getting predictable, you will be shocked with the twists and turns that are lurking around the corner.
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4.8 out of 5 stars