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Reviewed in Australia on 20 February 2017
Compared to his brothers, two of whose stories can be found in the first two books of the Landry Family Series, Graham Landry might seem to some to be boring.

The one who always has a plan, is always looking out for the best interests of his siblings (though rarely himself) Graham is the one who's typically found dressed in a suit, unable to shut off, conducting business over the phone even at family functions, he likes things neat and orderly, with everything mapped out in advance with even his backup plans having back up plans.

None of those plans accounted for Mallory Sims. Turning up late for her first day of work as yet another in the long line of Personal Assistants who've attempted to fill the role vacated months before, she also turned Graham's head so fast that he might be suffering from whiplash.

Slowly getting her footing after a long term relationship imploded, Mallory find's herself equally attracted to her new boss, and suddenly ready to take chances again, so long as they can be taken with him.


Yes, I know all caps can be seen to be rude, but really, it was necessary.

The chemistry between Graham and Mallory was instant and explosive, with off the charts sexual tension and banter that was both witty and clever.

Of course you can't have a good romance without complications and Adriana Locke serves them up with relish as each of the Landry boys try to stick their nose into their brother's business and heap dramas of their own upon his shoulders.

With a sense of playfulness that permeates the entirety of the book, it was difficult to keep a smile off my face, and I can't wait till the audio comes out so that I can play it for the wife giving myself an excuse to enjoy it all over again.
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