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6 January 2017
This book is about how a perfectly nice young man gets drawn into Hitler's mentality. He wasn't a psychopath. He was just a fellow who was anxious to please. It's very topical for us Australians as we have set up refugee camps which many describe as concentration camps. They are largely out of sight with very restricted information coming from them. Every now and then another refugee dies in these camps. There are some protests but nothing is done. Meanwhile the Department of Immigration and Border Control has issued its staff with black uniforms which are very reminiscent of the way that Mussolini dressed his fascist troops. We wonder why the Germans allowed awful things to happen but let's face it, we are all very busy (just like they were) and it's so hard to find the time to protest about these things so the situation just slides on and another refugee dies in misery. Yes, this book is very topical - about how nice people can slide into doing horrible things.
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