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25 March 2014
This is a beautifully told love story above more than anything. The shocking romance and subsequent marriage between the central character, Jacquetta, Duchess of Bedford and her second husband, Richard, a lowly squire later to become Lord Rivers, is a passionate tale of true love. This fifteenth century era story takes place during an exciting time; the early years of The War of the Roses. Ruthless Medieval politics play an important role in this historical novel. The buffoonish and childlike Henry VI and his spoiled young bride Margaret of Anjou are key figures. Another major theme is the paranormal. Jacquetta is descended from the mythic water goddess Melusina and as a result can, in some instances, foretell the future which is incorporated in her service to the queen as her lady in waiting. But this gift also threatens to be Jacquetta's downfall during a time when anyone involved in the supernatural is branded a witch and faces potential execution. This novel is an easy read, well written, wonderfully atmospheric and enjoyable.

Jennifer Leigh Wells
Author of "Rebecca: The Making of a Hollywood Classic"
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4.4 out of 5 stars